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Aptos Crypto Phone: APT Teams With Jambo on Rival to Solana Saga

Last Updated February 16, 2024 1:36 PM
James Morales
Last Updated February 16, 2024 1:36 PM

, Key Takeaways

  • Aptos has teamed up with Jambo on a new crypto phone.
  • Targeting emerging markets, the JamboPhone, at least in theory, offers good value for money.
  • At just $100, the crypto phone is a quarter of the price of Solana’s Saga.

Following the recent success of Solana’s Saga, crypto phones are currently having a moment in the sun. The latest Web3 player to enter the space is Aptos. The platform, founded by ex-Meta developers, has teamed up with Hong Kong-based company Jambo on a new handset.

A global presale for the new “JamboPhone” took place last month, focusing on Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. In an announcement on Friday, the Aptos Foundation said it would work with Jambo to “remove barriers to digital participation and foster a future where everyone, regardless of their geographic or economic status, can access and benefit from advancements in Web3”.

Crypto Phones for Every Budget

When Solana debuted the first generation Saga, it cost $1,000. This meant is was not much less than the latest iPhone or a high-end Samsung.

After initially slow sales, Solana Mobile recently announced that the Chapter 2 device would be much more affordably priced. The earliest participants in an ongoing presale event can secure the phone for just $400.

While $400 is significantly less than $1000, Jambo is targeting an even lower price range. It is selling the JamboPhone for just $100.

As with other models available for less than $100, the phone has limited technical specifications. However, JamboPhone’s innovations aren’t in its hardware but in the pre-installed apps designed to connect users to the Aptos ecosystem.

New Phone Comes With Crypto Wallet and Jambo App

Every JamboPhone comes with Petra, a mobile crypto wallet app that holds APT alongside other Aptos-based tokens and NFTs. They are also loaded with the Jambo App, which includes features and educational content which Aptos claimed were “tailored to the unique needs of emerging markets”. 

A kind of app store with integrated Web3 functionality and earning opportunities, the Jambo App “brings decentralized finance, gaming, and a suite of learning tools directly to users’ fingertips, encouraging engagement and empowerment within the Web3 space”, according to Aptos.

According the project’s website , the app is “anchored in the rich diversity of Africa’s cultural heritage”. Jambo, which is a common greeting in Swahili, incorporates Jambo Earn, Jambo Play and Jambo Wallet.

Web3 in Emerging Markets

While a handful of developed economies still account for the bulk of cryptocurrency transaction volumes, emerging markets are adopting Web3 technologies at an impressive rate.

For example, in 2023, India, Nigeria and Vietnam topped Chainalysis’ global crypto adoption index , pulling ahead of the US and other economic powerhouses. Other developing economies that have high rates of crypto adoption include the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and Pakistan.

In many of these countries, cryptocurrency is as a hedge against inflation, or a cheap method of sending international remittances. Play-to-earn gaming is also an important Web3 growth sector, providing an alternative income source in places with low wages or high rates of unemployment.  

Billed as an “earn phone for emerging markets” the Jambo has made play-to-earn gaming a central part of its smartphone proposition. 

While the phone’s hardware specifications don’t rival high-end models, for less than $100 users get a 6.5-inch LCD display and “long-lasting battery”.  The manufacturer added: “The JamboPhone is designed to provide you with the best value for your smartphone purchase.” i

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