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BitBoy Ben Armstrong Accuses Ran Neuner of Pump-and-Dump Scheme

Last Updated November 16, 2023 2:44 PM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated November 16, 2023 2:44 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Ben Armstrong and Ran Neuner are feuding.
  • Armstrong has recently declared himself the “Sultan of Solana.”
  • Armstrong’s self-proclaimed title has raised questions about his influence within the crypto community. 

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong has been a controversial figure in the industry for many years. His bold predictions and brash personality have made him a polarizing figure, and he has made a number of enemies along the way.

The ongoing feud between the ex-BitBoy and Onchain Capital CEO Ran Neuner has now taken a new turn.

Accusing Neuner of “Pump and Dump” Tactics and Channel Theft

Armstrong accused  Neuner, host of “Crypto Trader” and an active figure on crypto Twitter, of engaging in “pump and dump” practices with his audience. In a series of tweets, Armstrong vowed to expose and challenge Neuner during the current bull run.

“One of my missions during this bull run is going to be to totally dismantle this PAB of a “man” and his channel,” Armstrong said .

Armstrong further alleged that Neuner assisted Hit Network in stealing his BitBoy channel. Answering Neuner’s tweet on how Armstrong doesn’t own 100 SOL at least, Armstrong wrote :

“Hey guys my name is Ran. I helped Hit Network steal Ben’s channel because I’m a weasel. Get ready Ran your time is up bitch. This bull run is going to look totally different for you this time. I’ve got big surprises for you. And you aren’t going to like them.”

‘Sultan of Solana’

In the aftermath of a series of events, Armstrong has made a bold declaration, calling himself  the “Sultan of Solana.” This move has stirred up mixed reactions within the cryptocurrency community, particularly among XRP enthusiasts.

While some individuals find Armstrong’s shift away from XRP to be a welcome development, others remain skeptical of his intentions and the validity of his self-proclaimed title. The XRP Army, a prominent group of XRP supporters, has expressed uncertainty about Armstrong’s motives  and the potential impact of his actions on the Solana ecosystem.

Offering professional analysis, Bill Morgan, a pro-XRP lawyer, sheds light on a noteworthy perspective regarding Armstrong’s self-appointed title. Morgan highlights that the “Solana squad” is notably smaller compared to the influential XRP Army, suggesting that Armstrong’s adoption of the Sultan title could be interpreted as a somewhat demoted status.

This suggestion of a diminished presence prompts inquiries into Bitboy’s standing within the crypto community and raises speculation about whether he is aiming to rejuvenate his brand and significance by aligning himself with Solana.

Armstrong clarified  that proclaiming himself as the Sultan of Solana doesn’t signify a complete disassociation from the XRP army. In response to his announcement, a member of the XRP community, identified as “KENWOOD CAPITAL,” expressed satisfaction, suggesting that the XRP Community has successfully rid itself of Armstrong, whom he refers to as the “XRP Army Supreme Leader.”

Without delay, Armstrong responded to KENWOOD CAPITAL, refuting the assertion that the XRP community has managed to rid itself of his influence.

History of Controversial Predictions

Armstrong is no stranger to making bold predictions that don’t always materialize, adding to his checkered past in the crypto community. One notable instance occurred in May 2023 when he publicly cast doubt  on the prospect of Ripple prevailing in its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC.

Interestingly, just six weeks later, Ripple and the XRP community achieved a notable triumph in the legal battle, sparking inquiries into the reliability of Armstrong’s judgment and the accuracy of his insights.

Looking into the Future

The repercussions of Armstrong’s recent declaration as Sultan of Solana are shrouded in uncertainty, but one aspect is evident: he has decisively distanced himself from prominent support for XRP.

As the crypto community dissects the implications of Armstrong’s transition, some view it as an effort to sustain relevance in an industry where his influence has diminished. Others perceive it as a characteristic publicity stunt, aligning with his flamboyant personality and designed to draw attention to both himself and Solana.

In the dynamic landscape of the market and community, the true impact of Armstrong’s self-proclaimed sultanate will gradually unfold. Whether this move marks a substantial shift in his influence and the power dynamics within the crypto community remains to be seen.

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