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BitBoy Ben Armstrong Initiates a New Legal Battle to Reclaim His Lambo

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Last Updated November 7, 2023 9:35 AM
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Key Takeaways

  • Ben Armstrong is embroiled in a legal dispute over his Lamborghini.
  • The former BitBoy claimed that his followers donated over $80,000.
  • This amount was raised to help him in his legal battles and financial struggles.
  • Armstrong’s legal case also includes a request for a restraining order against Hit Network.

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong has initiated a new legal action against former associates and partners in the cryptocurrency industry.

The  former Bitboy is now suing his ex-coworkers for allegedly stealing his Lamborghini. According to the lawsuit, Carlos Diaz, an affiliate of Hit Network, threatened Armstrong verbally several times and is connected to organized crime.

Armstrong Sued Hit Network Over Lambo Transfer

Armstrong alleges that the Hit Network Defendants deceived him into giving up his opulent 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante and into handing Carlos Diaz, a business affiliate, possession of the vehicle and its keys.

In an attempt to reclaim his Lamborghini, Armstrong was recently involved in several court disputes and was placed under custody. The vehicle dispute stems from a wider dispute that arose after Armstrong’s Bitboy Crypto company was rebranded as Discover Crypto.

In Armstrong’s most recent legal filing, officially acknowledged by the Superior Court in Cobb County, Georgia on November 1, he identifies six individuals as defendants: Timothy Shedd Jr., the CEO of Hit Network; Timothy Shedd Sr., the CFO of Hit Network; Justin Williams, the CEO of Voomio; Allison Fiveash, a regular contributor to Hit Network shows; Nickolas Dimondi, the Head of Content at Hit Network; and Carlos Diaz, an affiliate of the company.

First Request Against Hit Network Denied

It’s important to remember that Armstrong’s request for a restraining order against Hit Network was turned down.

The case was initially submitted on August 30 but was subsequently withdrawn and refiled on September 12. It named Hit Network CEO Timothy ‘TJ’ Shedd Jr., his father Timothy Shedd Sr., and TJSJ Holdings as the accused parties.

The plaintiffs in this legal action are Armstrong and BJ Investment Holdings (BJIH), the parent company of Hit Network and Discover Crypto.

The lawsuit alleges that Armstrong is the exclusive owner of Better Than TJ LLC, which holds 67% of the voting rights in BJIH, while TJSJ Holdings currently possesses 33%. The plaintiffs assert that the defendants wrongfully acquired the business.

Armstrong’s Followers Donated Over $80,000

Armstrong, who claimed to be struggling financially, provided three addresses on his list: one for Bitcoin, one for Cardano, and one for Ethereum. An unidentified donor’s nearly 11,000 USDT donation looks to be one of the biggest contributions to date.

“The fact is I was under duress, I’ve been under duress. Like, when people see what they did to me with this Lamborghini, trying to bleed me out, that’s what they’re trying to do,” Armstrong said. 

Hit Network seized Armstrong’s Lamborghini Huracan Performante since the car registration was under the company’s name.

Crucially, the influencer has made it clear that donors will not receive their money back from him in the form of a “legal fund.”

“We’re gonna be able to keep the legal fund going, as well as, if money keeps coming into these addresses, we’re gonna use it to rebuild back everything,” he stated.

Confrontation With Carlos Diaz Takes

In September, Armstrong got himself arrested when trying to confront Carlos Diaz in his quest to reclaim his Lamborghini. But the situation took an unexpected turn.

He ended into custody on charges of “loitering/prowling” and “simple assault by inducing fear in another,” according to a document . After eight hours, he got freedom as he paid his bond of $2,600.


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