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BitBoy Ben Armstrong Re-Announces Himself: “They Sold My Lambo But We’re Gonna Rebuild”

Last Updated September 6, 2023 12:02 PM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated September 6, 2023 12:02 PM
Key Takeaways
  • Ben Armstrong announced a few changes as he is starting from scratch.
  • Changes include a new YouTube channel and a new X account.
  • Armstrong said BitBoy company took everything from him, including his Lamborghini.
  • He invited supporters to follow him as he would ‘make them rich again’.

Ben Armstrong, a YouTuber and crypto star, fired by BJ Investment Holdings, the parent company of Hit Network and BitBoy Crypto, now he claims the company took everything from him, including his precious Lambo.

In the past few days, a lot has happened with the BitBoy Brand and Armstrong, the controversial investor.

However, it seems Armstrong doesn’t plan to stop whatsoever. His YouTube  now has a new address, as well as his X account . Also, he doesn’t want to be called BitBoy anymore.

Just Call me Ben

In his debut on his new YouTube Channel, Armstrong expressed gratitude to his supporters and followers and clarified that he’s no longer associated with BitSquad or wishes to be called BitBoy.

“BitBoy’s name for me is dead. I am now Ben Armstrong which is my name, and I got to be honest with you. Certainly, the branding with BitBoy was great, and certainly, it was good. But the thing is, that being a 40-year-old man, about to be 41 here soon, and having people call you Bit Boyit’s a little weird.

“So from now on BitBoy is dead the BitSquad is dead, Ben Armstrong is here and Ben Nation- that is our community,” he proclaimed .

Armstrong then talked about how the new channel means “getting back to his roots”, and that he is going back to low production – high information value product.

“How you get your information is not as important as the information that you get, and during the Bull Run of of 2021 my channel made more millionaires than probably any channel in history. I would put that to a test all across the board and I can tell you that we’re going to do it again,” he stated .

“They Took My Lambo – But We Are Starting Over”

Armstrong admitted  he lost everything, including his precious Lamborghini Huracan Performante, because most of it, as well as the Lambo, was under the company’s name.

He also invited his supporters to follow him again, promising “they will get it all back”.

“I’m starting over in a lot of ways, and you’re going to get to start over with me. If you missed the last bear Market, here we are in this one, you’re going to see we’re going to get it all back,” he asserted.

He explained that this is possible because he is a firm crypto believer who knows crypto “inside and out.”

“The Flash and the pizzazz is over,” Armstrong stated while admitting he has been “extremely humbled in the last few weeks because I thought I built something that nobody could take from me.”

“I thought I built something from the ground up that I was gonna be able to pass on to my kids one day, and because of the corporate structure, and because we got too big too fast, I don’t have that power anymore and I’ve lost all power over the channel,” he said.

“Lamborghini’s gone. They sold the Lambo out from under me, and so, going forward, we are going to work this together, and we’re going to start from ground zero,” Armstrong said.

“I have a little bitty crypto portfolio that we’re going to be looking at because, obviously, all my crypto is corporate crypto. Got a little bit, don’t have much, but we’re going to rebuild, and we’re going to do it together,” he promised.

No Gucci Today

He also extended his best wishes to those who remained members of the old BitBoy channel. However, he announced that, as part of embracing his identity as ‘only Ben Armstrong,’ there will be a lot of changes.

“We’re not going to attack people. We’re not going to go at people. The bravado of BitBoy is gone,” he commented.

Armstrong reiterated  that he lost almost everything except his family and added that since he doesn’t own his Lambo anymore, he is getting rid of the Gucci shirts as well.

“I do like Gucci shirts, but we’re getting rid of them. We’re not going to be wearing them on the channel. We’re going back to our roots,” he stated.

A Chance for Co-Lab With the Old Team?

He added that rebuilding for him will go “urgently” but also hinted that not all is over with the BitBoy crew.

“Things are not finalized on that front. There’s still a chance that the people that run Bit Network come to the table with me,“ he said , adding he would still like to try to save what he built.

However, he said he won’t hope much but that he wants to fix this issue and hopes that one day, he will be able to.

Be it as it may, it seems that, according to the latest series of events at least, Armstrong was right when he declared that the struggle was “far from over.”

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