anonymous sourceYesterday, Jackson Palmer and Ben Doernberg from the Dogecoin community came forth with possible evidence that Moopay LTD. CEO known as Alex Green is long-time scammer Ryan Kennedy. The document in question linked pictures of Kennedy with pictures of Green, along with anonymous accounts of verification. New evidence is emerging that solidifies the tie between “Ryan Kennedy/Ryan Gentle” to the person known as Alex Green.

Among these pieces of evidence was a video of Green showing off the Moopay ATM. Today, two people formally associated with Green verified that the man in the video, along with all of the pictures, was known to them as Ryan Kennedy. The first is a person previously in a relationship with him and the second is someone who had “Ryan Kennedy” arrested in 2013.

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Alex Green Ryan Kennedy Moolah MoopaySource One

An anonymous ex-girlfriend approached CCN first, identifying Alex Green in this video to a man named Ryan Kennedy. She was in a relationship with Kennedy beforehand and lived with him. She also provided various pictures of Green/Kennedy, cropping out any identifying information back to her.

“I am certain that the person in this video is Mr. Ryan Kennedy, a.k.a Mr Ryan Francis Gentle, both by sight and by sound.”

Source Two

The second verification of the link between Green and Kennedy came from another anonymous source. It seems as though this person chased Kennedy down in 2013 after a business deal gone bad, and had him arrested.

Going under the name BigBitz, the informant verified Green’s possible true identity:

“I, BigBitz, can confirm the person in this video is indeed Mr. Ryan Kennedy. I say Ryan Kennedy, and not Alex Green or Ryan Gentle or various other nonsense, as Ryan Kennedy is the name I had him arrested under when he scammed me.”

Alex Green Ryan Kennedy Moolah MoopayBigBitz was a victim of theft perpetrated by Kennedy a few years ago, when Kennedy was going under the name “Lemon” in 2013. He was running a business called, where he raised investment eerily similar to the Moolah PIE investing plan.

“Ryan (Lemon) scammed me for £1000 – not a lot of money in any respect – and I guess he figured I would happily ‘write it off’ as bad debt, however, Ryan did not account for the fact that I would be a little more troublesome…”

“I spent a period of time ‘researching’ Ryan – his whereabouts, his friends, his associates, his emails, his websites, his other handles, his life, his interests, his previous girlfriends/partners and anyone else who would talk to me about him.”

“I reported all my findings to the local Police (Avon & Somerset, if I recall) constabulary located in Bath – Ryan’s haunt at the time – this took some time to get ‘through’ but we got there eventually.”

BigBitz claims Kennedy was arrested, but was never formally charged. Kennedy ended up offering to pay BigBitz back, but the transaction remained incomplete. BigBitz tracked Kennedy down again through Twitter handles and Kennedy offered to pay him “to end this whole saga.” Kennedy kept his word; the transaction completed in full, and the relationship between the two ended immediately.

Along with the verification and confession of Green’s true identity, BigBitz provided a signed Bitcoin address and signature, showing once again how useful the technology can be in any circumstance.

  • Signed with Bitcoin address: 1BigBitzyouKT2eVYvHbRUNMkCp9bvAvSu
  • G2QpCbt3qbfpNiuhwRbVgUxromgZcZh9bpeHXWH0Yt+dSW0vFGRixfiy2LB493Gn6Z6aRac4znRRBvwPySsz2mg=

Alex Green/Ryan Kennedy Possible Resignation from Moopay

Alex Green Ryan Gentle Moolah Bitcoin Kennedy 7In the light of all of the scrutiny and debate, Green took to the Moolah company blog to announce his possible public resignation. Before anything, he prefaced his statement by saying the following:

“I would like to start by saying that in context of the below, my identity is irrelevant. My identity becomes relevant if I break the law, which is something that neither myself nor my employees have done. To be as clear as I can, I could have been born as John Smith, and it wouldn’t matter. This is not to be taken as confirmation or admission of anything, that will follow at a later stage. In the eyes of the law, my name is Alex Green.”

To the skeptical, this may be a hint that Alex Green is a legal name change. Some claim that, in the eyes of the law, he is Alex Green but may have previously been Ryan Kennedy. Despite those claims, there is no proof that this is the case unless Green verifies this in the future.

Green continued with his announcement of resignation from the company:

“I will be resigning in order to ensure the company has management better able to cope with the issues now surrounding the company, and so that any reputation tarnished by association with me is no more. Whether I find a replacement as CEO and step down, or hand off the company in full – the company will continue.”

It is possible that Green may not resign as he also declared the company was looking to bankruptcy a few days ago. After receiving possible venture capitalist funds, Green took back that sentiment.

Where is Ryan Kennedy/Alex Green Now?

Along with the outside verification, a Facebook page of Ryan Kennedy surfaced yesterday with a picture of the person in question posing next to a woman Palmer claimed is Green’s wife. Upon hearing, Green refuted any evidence that he is the same person as Ryan Kennedy, saying he didn’t have a wife, Palmer never met his partner and that Palmer’s accusations were hilarious. After CCN’s article went up including a screenshot of Kennedy’s Facebook page, the privacy features tightened and the picture of Kennedy with the supposed wife removed.

A rumor then surfaced through Pastebin that Kennedy is currently staying with an Elliot Szarvas, a support agent and friend of “Alex.” The tip says that Kennedy got engaged, split up, started a relationship with a woman named Chelsea, assumed to be Chelsea Hopkins, and is currently in Japan with Szarvas.

Cross-referencing this with both Szarvas’ Facebook and Green’s posts on Reddit, it’s clear that they both are from the UK, Szarvas is indeed in Japan and Green has not been in the UK for weeks. CCN has reached out to both Kennedy and Szarvas, but has received no response.

Alex Green Elliot 2

Alex Green Elliot 2.1
Screencapped on October 16, 2014

Hopkins, the woman that Kennedy is claimed to be residing with in Japan, is believed to be innocent in this debacle. Her name is on the holding company for MintPal bitcoin exchange, Torihiki LTD., leading to suspicion that she may be fully aware of the incident. As some may recall, Moopay announced acquisition of MintPal a few weeks ago. Green owns 48 percent of Torihiki LTD.

Without proper documentation, it is unclear whether or not Alex Green is Ryan Kennedy. I can say though that the speculation and rising coincidence does favor the argument that they are one in the same. After pictures, rumors, claims and possible evidence, it still unclear who is who in the eyes of an ultimatum. CCN will continue to follow this story, reporting the facts along with credible claims as they surface.

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