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New Death Stranding Trailer Gives Stunning Look at ‘Fractured’ Plot

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:06 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:06 PM

PlayStation has just released  a brand new Death Stranding trailer. It’s among the more traditional and cohesive teasers for Hideo Kojima’s upcoming “strand” game we’ve seen to date.

The Drop

Titled “The Drop,” the short one-minute video sees protagonist Sam approach the edge of a massive crater before being ambushed by a squad of enemies, which we imagine are members of separatist militant Home Demens group, Death Stranding’s villains.

They set off in hot pursuit, brandishing electrified batons that are speared at Sam, only narrowly missing. In turn, Sam fires off a sling that downs one of the pursuers, giving us a taste of the weaponry on offer in Death Stranding.

One of the packages Sam has hoisted on his back tumbles to the ground. Presumably, this is the titular drop, a crucial part of the puzzle of reconnecting a fractured America, the mission entrusted to Sam. We see it sink under the surface of a glacial stream before a blurred depiction of Sam picks it up in the nick of time.

In the final shot, a towering BT, Death Stranding’s specter-like foes, emerges from the crater, upending gravity and drawing the surrounding topography in airborne clumps of earth and rock.

Death Stranding: ‘They’ve torn us apart. Fractured our society.’

A suitably awe-inspiring voice-over narrated by Sam himself matches a crescendo of swelling synth lines and arpeggios:

“It ain’t as simple as it seems. They’ll try and stop you every step of the way, but you’ve got to keep moving, no matter what. They’ve torn us apart. Fractured our society. And the only way to save it is in my hands. My name is Sam Porter Bridges. It’s my job to reconnect us.”

For those that stayed clear of the Tokyo Game Show demos that Kojima cooked up to convince those still on the fence about Death Stranding, The Drop is a tantalizing proposition. It does well to dispel the notion that the game is a glorified walking simulator. It looks like it will feature its fair share of combat and tense moments.