Update: As our knowledgeable users have pointed out, there are many indicators to note the very likely possibility of a scam being pulled by the bitcoin-exchange highlighted in the article. The article will remain published to spread awareness of the plausible scam.

Miners Center Inc., a Wilmington, Del. (U.S.)-based exchange that offers 10% above market price for bitcoin, claims it will have 10 physical offices by the end of the year: three in U.S., two in Canada, two in Australia, one in the U.K., one in Germany and one in Hungary.

The company, which offers higher than market price for bitcoin in order to acquire high volumes of bitcoin, sees opening physical offices as part of a strategy to provide bitcoin exposure to a larger public. The company’s long-term goal is to help create an alternative financial system.

Miners center license

Miners Center does not plan to offer the above-market bitcoin rates at its physical offices.

Company A Strong Believer In Bitcoin

The company, according to a press release, not only sees digital currency being in a “sweet spot” at the present time, but something that will deliver its believers’ expectations in the near future.

Buying large amounts of bitcoin at a higher market price to achieve targeted volumes is outlined in the company’s business plan.

The company said it will reveal specific information about the 10 planned physical locations at the time of their actual launching.

The press release does not give much detail on the company’s “intended core business.” The company’s website says the business plan covers several directions, all focused on supporting widespread adoption of bitcoin as a currency. It further notes the company’s goal is volume buying and establishing significant bitcoin stock.

The bitcoin price listed on the company’s website was $357.50 USD at 11:25 p.m. Eastern Time on Nov. 1, 2015.

Bitcoin Pricing Strategy Will Change

The 10% above-market price offered via the website has “taken so far the shape of a different business unit within the company,” the release notes. The business has followed a volume purchasing strategy and an exclusive buyer orientation, which the company says will be discontinued when it secures sufficient bitcoin resources to operate its intended core business.

The website describes the company as focused on cryptocurrency investment, trade, and related services.

Emilian Tourey, CEO, says he believes the invested money will bring a substantial return and great personal satisfaction for being one of the first to support building an alternative to the existing financial system.

CEO: A Bitcoin Realist

Tourey says he sees the flaws and security issues connected to bitcoin and is aware of skeptics’ arguments. He claims he is not a naive bitcoin advocate.

He says bitcoin businesses must realize that to gain exposure to a bigger public, they need to make it easily understandable and available. In order to do this, he says it is necessary to use some traditional methods, but not become new bankers. He sees providing physical exchange offices as a cornerstone of creating an alternative financial system.

The company displays a license certificate from the city of Chicago on its website.

Images from Shutterstock and Miners Center.