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Looks Like Conor McGregor Has Not Retired—But He Should

Last Updated September 27, 2020 4:10 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 27, 2020 4:10 PM
  • When Conor McGregor last retired in June, few took him seriously, and it now appears as if they were right to do so.
  • In some recent tweets, McGregor made it sound like he’s been trying to schedule another UFC fight. He might have even scheduled another boxing match.
  • But with everything he has going on in life, the smarter decision may be to stay retired.

Conor McGregor is one of those guys you cannot help but love. Fans love it when he fights. They love his confidence, his bravado, and his fiery disposition.

They also love to hate him. They find him vulgar, crude, and unprofessional. While they may respect his knockout power, they find him arrogant and unworthy of his fame.

But the last time he announced his retirement, it felt a little real. Yes, he had ‘retired’ before, but it never took long for him to come back. As it turns out, once again, he did not mean it this time, either.

Conor McGregor: I’m in!

When he announced he was retiring once again in June, it seemed like he might mean it. He had other business ventures to occupy his time. With only two fights in the last few years, he sure did not seem too serious about getting back in the ring.

But since he had pulled this trick before, many did not believe him. With rumors floating around that he was demanding a stake in the UFC, it is reasonable to assume it was another contract ploy. If he was retiring, why not let the UFC make a big deal about it?

Soaking up the praise at one last press conference would be right up his alley. But then he shared a few tweets recently that proved retirement is not on his mind:

Connor McGregor
If only it were that easy to get McGregor back in the octagon. | Source: Twitter .

He went on to share a few more tweets  with pictures of a text conversation with Dana White. He made it look like he was trying to get another fight until the coronavirus got in the way . But then he ended his tweetstorm by talking about boxing  again–and he might be serious. Watch the video:

Dana White Needs to Nudge Him in the Right Direction

When he announced his retirement a few months ago, it was not hard to believe it might be true. With all of the lag time between fights, it seemed like he was not as interested or invested in fighting like before. It is not like he needed the money.

So, why not get out now? Why not stop while he is still young and healthy enough to make the most of the rest of his life?

Because his arrogance will not let him–that is why Dana White needs to step in and push him in the right direction. It might even be better for business.

McGregor’s appeal is not what it was before. He is known just as much now for his legal troubles as his fighting. Many would enjoy seeing him lose, but since he has done that before, the possibility does not hold as much appeal. Since he has hardly fought in recent years, many fans have probably moved on from him.

Yes, Conor McGregor will likely be a massive draw because his fans will want to see if he still has it. If he does, then he will stick even harder to his demands for a piece of the UFC pie. Does White want to invite that headache back into his life? Then again, why encourage his cash cow to walk away? Watch the video:

About That Manny Pacquiao Fight…

Scheduling a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao isn’t going to do McGregor any favors. Pacquiao is probably still a great boxer, but he is only a shadow of his former self (and should have stayed retired). He is long past his prime. So, there will not be a ton of glory in a win.

The gimmick worked once with Mayweather and might work again. But it is still just another gimmick. Is that what McGregor wants to reduce his career to?

If he wants to box, he might as well make it interesting and take on Mike Tyson or something. Now that PPV event that would set records.

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