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Leaked Trailer of PlayStation 5 Game ‘Godfall’ is an Underwhelming Mess

Hot on the tail of a Godfall footage findings it's way onto the internet earlier this week, a full trailer has now surfaced online.

  • Full internal Godfall trailer leaks online.
  • Both Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing confirm video as genuine.
  • Footage captured on PC rather than PlayStation 5.

This week has been a busy one for the first confirmed PlayStation 5 title, fantasy RPG Godfall. Hot on the tail of a short snippet of game play findings it’s way onto the internet earlier this week, the full trailer has now surfaced on Reddit.

Legit Godfall Footage

Reddit account YeaQuarterDongIng, since deleted, uploaded the full trailer yesterday. In parallel, Godfall developer Counterplay Games confirmed via the game’s official Twitter handle that the trailer is ‘year-old PC footage used as part of an internal presentation’ as many speculated.

Source: Twitter

Simultaneously, Randy Pitchford, the head of Godfall publisher Gearbox Software, mirrored Counterplay’s announcement, adding that the game has evolved considerably the internal trailer since. He also noted ‘how awesome this game looks and plays on PlayStation 5.’

Source: Twitter

This being the internet, the leaked trailer has since popped up on YouTube, and you can check it out in all it’s glory below.

Visually Stunning Yet Underwhelming

Aside from providing context for the earlier leaked footage, we also catch glimpses of impressive vistas and gorgeous lighting set to define Godfall, including a towering city that appears to stretch into the skies.

It’s hard to fault Godfall for its impressive visual style despite the year-old footage. We fully expect Counterplay Games to up the stakes with Godfall’s PlayStation 5 performance.

Source: YouTube

But, a pretty game doesn’t make a great game, and there’s a sense the gameplay isn’t all that innovative. It’s the familiar hack and slash formula propped up by stellar graphics.

Calling it bland this far from the release of Godfall is both a disservice to the game and potential players. Nevertheless, Godfall will need more than the hype surrounding the PlayStation 5 to carry it forward.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:31 PM

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