kncminer-titan-scrypt-asic-minerKNC Titan customers are starting to get exhausted from the ongoing shenanigans that KNC is playing with millions of dollars in customer funds. KNC Titan customers will be relieved to know that a class action investigation is now under way along with a group lawsuit through another firm. KNC Titan customers now finally have a chance to see justice against KNC.

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First KNC Class Action

KNC likes to pretend that it’s above the law by denying people refunds while Swedish law dictates that they must honor refund requests within the confines of said law. Charlotte C. Lin, a consumer protection attorney, is now working to hold KNC accountable for many illegal activities in which KNC engages. So far the lawsuit investigation covers the following.

  1. Breach of implied warranty of fitness
  2. Misrepresentation
  3. Legal violations in failing to provide a functional or usable product
  4. False advertising
  5. Failure to deliver within the promised time frame
  6. Failing to provide refunds upon customer demand

The KNC Titans still have the same single PCI-E power connector that caused the Neptunes to melt. KNC has started to include “Y” cables with the Titans in order to mitigate the power draw that’s over the PCI-SIG specified specifications. The fact that KNC modeled the Titan after a known fire-hazard of a machine is substantial evidence of KNC providing an unusable and non-functioning product.

If you’re a KNC Titan customer and would like to become part of the investigation, use the KNC Class Action website’s contact form to provide information on your experience with KNC. Once the investigation is complete, the class action will begin.

Interview With Charlotte C. Lin, Esq.

KNC Class Action
KNC Class Action – Investigation through Charlotte C. Lin Esq.

What is the sought outcome of the class action on which you’re working?

We are actively investigating a potential class action against KnC on behalf of its customers. We are still assessing the issues and damages during the course of our investigation. Therefore, it is a bit too premature to discuss the outcome at this point.

How do you feel that your experience will help you to win this case?

I have been involved the crypto space for a long time now, and my understanding of the underlying legal issues in this matter are clear as daylight.

Do you have a working knowledge of the cryptocurrency community?

I have a lot of colleagues and friends who are actively engaged in mining, trading cryptocurrencies, or own mining equipment. I have spoken with many miners at HashersUnited, have kept up to date on the  forum activity, and enjoy soaking up new innovations and ideas related to crypto in general. I accept cryptocurrency for my practice. I have always genuinely supported the cryptocurrency community

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

We will post any updates to

Second KNC Class Action

Magnus Daar of Nova has opened what he is calling a “Group Lawsuit” rather than using the term “class action.” Magnus Daar started the group lawsuit against KNC due to the overwhelming response from people like you. The more people who come together to take down the wolves in the industry, the less likely that scams will pop up in this fledgeling market. To join Magnus Daar’s revolution, send him a message. Let him know that you’re interested in the group-lawsuit against KNC.


Are you a KNC Titan customer? Have you gotten involved with the KNC class action cases taking place? Do you feel that the KNC class action cases will finally give KNC Titan customers the justice against KNC that they deserve? Leave a comment below and voice your opinions.

Disclosure: I have two KNC Titans on pre-order

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