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Irredeemable Blizzard Go Too Far After Banning Warcraft III Gamers

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
  • Reports have surfaced of Blizzard banning players for helping others to get refunds on Warcraft III.
  • They’ve also recently made changes to their user agreement to make it possible for them to own the hard work of map creators.
  • Blizzard is irredeemably evil at this stage.

It’s getting exhausting being a long-time fan of Blizzard. If they’re not busy screwing over their players, they’re literally banning them from competing and taking away their money.

It seems like Blizzard is determined to be completely monstrous. Reports are now coming out that they’re just straight-up banning people from their forums  [Reddit]. For toxic behavior? No. For helping other users getting refunds and criticizing the game.

Can Blizzard get any worse at this stage?

Blizzard - Reddit Banning Discussion
Reports have come out of players being banned for helping other players requesting refunds, or even just talking about refunds online. | Source: Reddit 

Blizzard Stopped Caring About its Customers Long Ago

It seems like Blizzard really doesn’t care about their customers at all. They’re blatantly against their customers having a say at all. As if there recent ownership of your work wasn’t bad enough.

Now they’ve been banning people from their forums for helping other people to get refunds on Warcraft III  [Reddit]. A game which is so buggy that people have been refunding it in droves. It seems like Blizzard thinks they can get away with anything these days.

It’s honestly hard to disagree with them. Even after they banned Blitzchung people have continued to support them. I guess it’s hard not to when Blizzard is basically the same thing as Activision these days. And, Activision owns a lot of games and companies.

Blizzard - Ownership of Maps
Blizzard also made changes to the new version of Warcraft III’s user agreement which made it possible for them to just own your hard work. | Source: Twitter 

They Almost Seem Invincible

Blizzard is clearly just evil. Nothing anyone does seems to affect them either. You can’t refund the game because they won’t let you and no one can make them. At this point, if you’re not seriously considering dropping any and all support for Blizzard games then they’ve clearly got you wrapped around their finger.

We have to come to terms that Blizzard isn’t the company it once was. Gone are the days of Warcraft and Warcraft II. Back then they were just a company that loved making games and were happy when they did well. Now Activision seems to have completely taken over the corpse of the company once so beloved by the community.

They’re happy to abuse the hell out of their customers to make a profit. Hell, if you want to see how little they think of their players just look at the Diablo Immortal fiasco. “Do you guys not have phones?”  [YouTube] certainly doesn’t sound like something a decent gaming company would say in response to valid problems.


Just Say ‘Screw Blizzard’

Screw Blizzard. Screw them for banning people asking for refunds. And for trying to own your ideas. More than anything else, screw them for their constant disdain for any problems that their customers have.

Let’s hope that this makes people think twice before buying that WoW subscription in the future. I know I already regret buying mine.

Editor’s note (02/03/2019): The article has been updated with a new featured image to reflect the company’s direction under its president J. Allen Brack.