Hilarious PlayStation 5 Fridge Joke Gets Mistaken as Real Design by Prominent News Publication

A fake PlayStation 5 leak that includes the image of a fridge tricked one publication and its causing an uproar on Twitter.

PS5 joke, twitter

This is not a real PlayStation 5 leak. | Source: Twitter

  • A fake leak tricks a writer into thinking a fridge is the PlayStation 5.
  • The leaker points out the mistake and pokes fun at the writer.
  • Other Twitter users are joining in on the action.

A writer at the International Business Times (IBT) has to be kicking themselves right now after posting this article about a PlayStation 5 leak.

The article takes a joke image shared by a prominent leaker on Twitter and doles it out as truth. The funny image pokes fun at the XBox design by suggesting that the PS5 will look like a fridge.

PlayStation 5 Leak
Imagine getting fooled by a fridge. Source: Twitter

Imagine Taking This Tweet Seriously

The image from Twitter user ZhugeEX is making fun of the design for the Xbox Series X. There’s been no shortage of memes about the next-gen console’s design and the leaker was joining in on the fun.

It’s honestly hard to see how someone makes this kind of mistake. The image is clearly a black fridge with a PlayStation logo in the top corner. Then again, the original article also says that “Microsoft” will be releasing the PlayStation 5. So there’s that.

ZhugeEX himself couldn’t help but point of the ridiculousness of the article in a response Tweet.

PlayStation 5 Fridge
The Twitter user behind the leak is also calling out the publication. Source: Twitter

Even the Leaker Can’t Help But Make Fun of the Writer

IBT has updated the article to note that this isn’t what the PlayStation 5 will look like, but the damage is done. Plenty of Twitter users are poking fun at the publication over the blunder, and rightly so.

PS5 Fridge Reactions
Twitter users aren’t going to let this mistake go. Source: Twitter

Twitter Users Aren’t Going to Forget This Anytime Soon

This gaffe from IBTimes only backs up a belief that many gamers have about journalists being a joke. I would love to argue against this, but it’s hard to do so when my fellow gaming journalists are out there thinking a fridge is a legitimate PlayStation 5 leak.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
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