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Greta Thunberg Just Got Schooled by a Climate Change Denier

Greta Thunberg cited climate change as the reason behind Australia's recent bush fires and then got schooled by a climate change denier.

  • Referring to the recent Sydney bush fires, Greta Thunberg called for political action.
  • Thunberg blamed climate change for the fires.
  • Her claims were quickly debunked by a climate change denier.

Nine News Sydney tweeted on Saturday about the Australian wildfires that have been ravaging their grasslands over the last few months. This drew a response from the young Greta Thunberg, who has been carrying the climate change baton after she came into the limelight for her speech at the United Nations. 

Thunberg’s call for political action went viral and even forced Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison to comment on it. Morrison wasn’t too pleased with the criticism and soon after reporters questioned him about Thunberg’s tweet, he said:

We’ll do in Australia what we think is right for Australia, I’m not here to try and impress people overseas.

Her tweet also drew a response from the experienced environmentalist and climate change denier Patrick Moore.

Moore pointed out that Thunberg’s tweet is deceptive and factually inaccurate. He explained there’s no direct correlation between the increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and the area burned due to wildfires. Moore’s data suggested that there’s a negative correlation between the two.

Later on, he tweeted once again and criticized the mainstream media for blaming the rising carbon dioxide levels for climate change. 

The Climate Change Denier has a History of Attacking Greta Thunberg

This isn’t the first time that the famous climate change denier has raised concerns about Greta Thunberg. Back in August, he had come under fire for comparing Greta’s masters to Hitler. The environmentalist also claimed that Thunberg was a puppet and her masters were using her to propagate their own ideas. He said:

They aren’t her ideas. There’s a reason 16-year olds don’t vote, drink or drive. At that age she is not an adult and therefore has no right to influence people in a political process.

This isn’t the first time Moore has debunked Greta, either. After her famous speech at the United Nations, Moore discredited her inaccurate claims about mass extinction. Greta had said that animals are facing mass extinctions because of climate change. Moore had a ripe answer to her claims, once again.


Moore picked apart Greta Thunberg’s “mass extinction” claims. | Source: Twitter

By the look of things, this is surely not the last time Moore will come after Thunberg. But as far as responses go, Moore was pretty much justified in his claims about climate change.

Greta Thunberg’s heart is in the right place. She wants to fight climate change but her deceptive statements will only anger the masses and give rise to more skeptics and deniers. If she’s serious about fighting climate change, she should start by fact-checking her claims.

Last modified: September 25, 2020 8:42 PM

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