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Don’t Be Surprised if Sony Reveals PS5 Design Before June 3 Event

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:58 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:58 PM
  • Rumors and reports suggest Sony will host a PS5 showcase on June 3.
  • New information hints that the platform holder could reveal the final hardware design beforehand.
  • Insider information and some curious activity over on the PlayStation Blog suggest as much.

With the rumor mill working overtime and corroborating reports popping up left, right, and center, next week’s PS5 showcase seems all but inevitable.

New information suggests Sony may reveal the final console design beforehand, presumably to let PlayStation 5 games take center stage on June 3.

PS5 Hardware Reveal

During May 27th episode of the Kinda Funny Games Daily broadcast, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb made an unlikely appearance in Twitch chat with yet another insightful nugget .

Sony has tightened up A LOT in the last week. So I still don’t know if it plans to show hardware at the June 3 event. I think it’s possible we still get hardware reveal in Wired out of nowhere or something. But I don’t think they go beyond June 3 without showing the box.

Sony May Unveil PS5 Design Before June 3 Showcase
Sony could reveal PS5 design ahead of June 3 showcase. Source: Kinda Funny Games/Twitch 

Grubb suggests Sony may adopt a similar approach to the previous out-of-the-blue Wired exclusives published in April  and October 2019 .

The reporter has become somewhat of an authority on Sony’s reveal plans in recent weeks and was among the first to publicize the early to mid-June window for a PS5 event. As such, we can confidently assign a sizable dose of credibility to Grubbs’s information.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Further adding weight to an imminent design reveal, Bloomberg News reporter Takashi Mochizuki (who reported the June 3 showcase in an article  earlier this week) took to Twitter yesterday, explaining :

I expect official reveal of PS5 design is near anyway… mass production is starting and that means leak risk of console/console image. Given SIE trying to stay ahead of curve, reveal shouldn’t be too far away.

Sony May Unveil PS5 Design Before June 3 Showcase
Sony is eager to stay ahead of the curve and avoid leaks. Source: Twitter 

PlayStation Blog

Alongside, region-specific PlayStation Blog portals for the EU and North America now all redirect to one centralized international version . The rejig suggests Sony may be trying to funnel visitors to one central portal  in anticipation of a big announcement.

We can’t discount this as a move to unify all the disparate blogs to ease the publication of run-of-the-mill articles and align information across all regions, but the timing suggests otherwise.

In addition, the PlayStation Blog now features a dedicated PS5 category as you can see below.

Sony May Unveil PS5 Design Before June 3 Showcase
Could changes to PlayStation Blog signal imminent PS5 news? Source: PlayStation.Blog

As has become all-too-common with PS5’s promotion to date, Sony remains tight-lipped. With June 3 fast approaching, an official announcement seems inevitable. And, it may very well come accompanied by a first look at the PS5 hardware design.