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Come On Sony, Just Reveal the PS5 Already

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • It has been months since the reveal of the Xbox Series X, yet Sony hasn’t revealed anything about the PS5 as of yet.
  • Without any details on the console, fans have been filling in the gaps themselves.
  • Sony should probably just reveal the machine already, or at least give us some vague details.

Everyone is just sort of tired of Sony at this point. While Xbox has revealed plenty about the Series X, the PS5 is still a mystery. Argue all you want about ‘which console will win’, but right now Xbox wins by default. If only because right now the PS5 is Schrodinger’s console.

Really they just need to hurry up and give us something to go on. Literally anything. A picture, some specifications. Hell, at this point just revealing a feature would be enough to keep us going.

PS5 Fan Renders
These fan renders are the closest we’ve gotten so far to actually knowing what the PS5 is going to look like. | Source: Twitter 

The PS5, Sony’s Perpetual Silence Machine

Sony might think they’re being smart. Keeping people hungry is certainly a tried-and-true marketing method. It does have its limits though. I feel like people are probably pretty done with it around this point.

I also find it hard to believe that any amount of grandiose events will make up for the wait. Even if they have the PS5 reveal planned to be a spectacular event the likes of which mortal men have never seen before, it’ll probably be annoying that we waited so long for basic specs on a console.

Even if the PS5 has incredible features never before conceived of by hardware designers, we’ve still had to wait too long for it all to come out. Just do a live stream and reveal what is going on. Your fans will thank you for it, and then at least we can start to plan out some informed purchase decisions.

It’s a Frustrating Situation, Made More so by Xbox’s Openness

This whole debacle surrounding the PS5 is made worse by the Xbox Series X. Microsoft have revealed plenty, and there are lots of features to get excited about. That whole smart delivery thing could be awesome, 12 teraflops isn’t to be sniffed at, etc.

For Sony die-hards the PS5 offers nothing of the sort. What are fans going to get excited about? The potential for backward compatibility which we’re still not 100% sure on? Maybe some games that we know practically nothing about?

Until we actually hear from Sony about the PS5 we’re all left to fill in the considerable gaps with rumors and hearsay . That’s probably why the internet went insane and thought we’d have a reveal today . Spoiler Alert: we probably won’t.