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Signing Antonio Brown Is the Risk Every Single NFL Team Should Take

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:10 PM
  • Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has been under investigation by the NFL for months.
  • Last week, the league ruled he’ll be suspended for at least the first eight regular season games this year.
  • Brown says he wants to play. Will anyone roll the dice on such a talented but volatile personality?

The wait is finally over for the fans – assuming there are any left – of former superstar NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown.

After an investigation that took so long it almost seemed like the league was hoping he’d follow through on his threat to retire, the NFL handed down its decision  last week.

For multiple violations of the league’s personal conduct policy, Brown will serve an eight-game suspension.

Antonio Brown Will Be Back… Eventually

Rumor has it that at least two teams are already interested in signing Brown despite the eight-game suspension.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson publicly campaigned for Baltimore to sign him  even before the NFL concluded its investigation.

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The Seattle Seahawks are supposedly interested as well.

He did look great catching bombs from Russell Wilson during a private workout earlier this year.

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Brown’s body of work speaks for itself. From a purely on-the-field perspective, it looks like a slam dunk.

This isn’t a game of Madden, though. Why would anyone want to add someone ridiculously likely to implode the first time something does not go his way?

Who wants to risk a scenario like the Raiders had to deal with?

Why invite this potential distraction into your locker room?

And that’s the best-case scenario!

There’s still the possibility this suspension gets extended.  If he steps out of line again, the next one could be even longer. And don’t forget that he faces another investigation  over sexual assault allegations.

Why He’s Still Worth the Risk

antonio brown
No Super Bowl contender can afford to pass up the chance to add Antonio Brown to their passing attack. | Source: AP Photo/Lynne Sladk

Will he be a major distraction and a potential locker room cancer for whatever team signs him? Absolutely.

He’s still worth the risk. He’s the type of weapon that can make a good offense a great one – and a great one unstoppable.

His resume tells the tale:

  • Six seasons with 100+ receptions
  • Seven seasons with 1,000+ receiving yards
  • Four seasons with 10+ receiving touchdowns
  • 7x Pro Bowler
  • 4x First-Team All-Pro

He won’t cost much – probably just the league minimum plus performance-based incentives. That’s an absolute steal – even if, at 32, he is on the wrong side of his prime.

As for his potential behavior, his future team has a built-in exit strategy: His suspension won’t prevent him from attending training camp.

There’s plenty of time for him to show his true colors. Bring him into the fold, and if he acts like a fool again, cut him before he even takes a regular season snap.

With what he brings to the table, that’s a gamble every Super Bowl contender should be willing to make.

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