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Quiztok Price Prediction 2023: Is the Blockchain Quiz Bot A Winner?

Last Updated September 8, 2023 8:41 AM
Peter Henn
Last Updated September 8, 2023 8:41 AM

Key Takeaways

  • The price of Quiztok’s QTCON token went up by more than 300% in a week. 
  • The online quiz program has launched a Business To Business To Consumer program. 
  • What’s next for Quiztok?

Quiztok is a cross between a quiz show and a chatbot. In August 2023, the news that it was launching  a Business To Business To Consumer program, coupled with it increasing its reward for contestants, saw its price shoot up by more than 300%. 

As more and more people took notice of Quiztok, the QTCON token enjoyed its best price in more than 18 months. 

Quiztok did not immediately respond to a request for comment

But what is Quiztok (QTCON)? How does Quiztok work? Let’s see what we can find out, and also take a look at some of the Quiztok Price Predictions that were being made as of August 17 2023.

Quiztok (QTCON) Explained

The hottest online craze in 2018 was HQ Trivia. This game allowed people to take part in a de facto online gameshow with the opportunity to win cash prizes. Although HQ Trivia died out, it was a big deal for a little while. 

Quiztok aims to be, in effect, HQ Trivia for the blockchain. People can play along with the system’s quizzes and win crypto if they get their answers right. 

The platform is currently available in the Korean language. 

People who play Quiztok are rewarded with the system’s native token, QTCON.

How Quiztok Works

One thing that we have to mention here is that, despite its recent success, Quiztok’s website was down as of August 17 2023. While this may only be a temporary glitch, it is still worth keeping in mind. 

Quiztok is supported by the QTCON token. People who successfully complete Quiztok’s trivia challenges are rewarded with QTCON. It can also be bought, sold, and traded on exchanges. 

Something else that’s worth pointing out is that, because Quiztok is based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, it is a token, not a coin. You might see references to such things as a Quiztok coin price prediction, but these are wrong.

QTCON Price History

Now, let’s examine some of the Quiztok price history . While we should never take past performance as an indicator of future results, knowing what the token has achieved can provide us with some very useful context if we want to make or interpret a Quiztok price prediction.

Quiztok first came onto the open market in the spring of 2020. On May 5, it traded at an all-time high of $0.1964. It fell down pretty sharply after that and spent much of the rest of the year hovering around $0.015. 

Things changed in early 2021, when the crypto market flourished and QTCON responded in kind, trading above the $0.10 mark in early April. By the summer, though, it was back down again and it closed the year at $0.01239.

2022 was a year that most people involved in crypto would want to forget. A series of market crashes saw the price for QTCON plummet. It closed 2022 at $0.0008379, down nearly 95% year-on-year.

So far, 2023 has been a little more encouraging for Quiztok. It made a small, but steady rise for the first seven months or so, before the news that it was launching its B2B2C service saw it skyrocket. On August 15, it traded above the cent for the first time since January 2022. On August 17, it was worth about $0.02. 

At that time, there were about 6.3 billion QTCON out of a total supply of 12 billion. This gave the token a market cap of around $122 million, making it the 243rd-largest crypto by that metric.  

Quiztok Price Analysis

Quiztok has been on a surge lately. The token has gone up by more than 300% since 10 August, when it was worth $0.004712. Not only that, but it is now worth more than 2,000% what it was at the start of the year. 

Quiztok Coin Price Prediction

With that all said and done, let’s examine some of the Quiztok price predictions being made on August 17 2023. It is crucial to bear in mind that price forecasts, particularly for a potentially volatile asset like cryptocurrency, often turn out to be inaccurate. Additionally, please remember that many long-term crypto price predictions are generated using algorithms, which means they can change at any time.

Quiztok Price Prediction for 2023

When it came to making a QTCON price prediction for this year, DigitalCoinPrice  said that it would reach $0.0378. Meanwhile, Bitnation  said it would trade at $0.029. PricePrediction.net  thought it would drop back to $0.004 this year. 

Quiztok Price Prediction for 2025

Bitnation said Quiztok would reach $0.0676 in 2025. PricePrediction.net saw it worth $0.009. DigitalCoinPrice thought it would get to $0.0648 in two years time.

Quiztok Price Prediction for 2030

Looking at a more long-term Quiztok price prediction, PricePrediction.net had it at $0.055 in 2030. DigitalCoinPrice said it would be worth $0.20 then. Bitnation thought it would reach $0.1643 at the start of the next decade.

Is Quiztok a Good Investment?

It is hard to say. While QTCON has seen a rather notable surge over the last week or so, there is no telling whether or not that growth is sustainable. A lot will depend on whether its B2B2C plans are able to both work and grow. 

Something that might help Quiztok reach new audiences would be an English language version. However, there are no indications that anything like that will come out. 

Likewise, the platform’s website being down as of August 17 2023 will not do QTCON any favours. 

As ever with crypto, you will need to make sure you do your own research before deciding whether or not to invest in QTCON.

Will Quiztok go up or down?

No one can really tell right now. While the Quiztok crypto price predictions are largely positive, price predictions have a well-earned reputation for being wrong. Keep in mind, too, that prices can, and do, go down as well as up. 

Should I invest in Quiztok?

Before you decide whether or not to invest in Quiztok, you will have to do your own research, not only on QTCON, but on other, similar, coins and tokens such as Presearch (PRE). Either way, you will also need to make sure that you never invest more money than you can afford to lose.


How many Quiztok are there?

On August 17 2023, there were about 6.3 billion QTCON out of a total supply of 12 billion.

Will Quiztok reach $0.10?

It might do. Bitnation says it can get there in 2027, while DigitalCoinPrice thinks it will reach that level in 2028. Price Prediction.net claims it will break past 10 cents in 2032. 

QTCON has traded above $0.10 before, most recently in April 2021. 

What is Quiztok used for?

The QTCON is used to reward players of the Quiztok game. People can also buy, sell, and trade it on exchanges. 

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