ZiftrCOIN Presale Approaching $500,000

Josiah Wilmoth @Y3llowb1ackbird
December 19, 2014

ZiftCOIN, the crypto-commerce altcoin from internet shopping companion Ziftr, recently launched its coin presale with a goal of making cryptocurrency a mainstream payment option. Although more than a month remains in the presale, Ziftr is very pleased with the early returns.

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ZiftrCOIN Presale Launched With a Bang

ZiftrCOIN’s presale launched with a bang, as many customers–including a notable venture capitalist firm–contributed to the future development of the altcoin. ZifterCOIN’s key selling point is that the company has promised customers that they will peg ziftrCOINs to $1 USD each for up to 5% of each order made within the Ziftr merchant network. If ziftrCOINs market value exceeds $1, the 5% restriction will be lifted, and users can spend ziftrCOINs at the market rate.

Ziftr CEO Bob Wilkins says the company is extremely pleased with the results, and they expect the positive trend to continue throughout the duration of the sale.

We’re very excited about the participation so far in the ziftrCOIN Presale, and the fact that traditional VC group 10x Venture Partners bought $150k worth of coins on the first day was extremely encouraging. We love the support we’ve received from both the Bitcoin community as well as the more traditional business community over the past few days. We have only just begun our Presale and the word is getting out. We’re excited to see what happens next.

Unfortunately for Ziftr, the recent Bitcoin price decline has cut into Ziftr’s presale profits (at least for now). Nevertheless, ziftrCOIN is approaching the $500,000 mark. At press time, Ziftr had sold more than 3.5 million ziftrCOINs for a profit of ~$472,000 (USD value based on 7-day CoinGecko average). At present, customers can purchase 1,400 ziftrCOINs for 1 bitcoin, but that price will increase over the remaining 36 days of the sale.

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