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May 4, 2015 1:32 PM UTC

WoodShares On Its Crowdsale & Saving The World’s Timberlands

WoodShares is the first Distributed Collaborative Organization (DCO) with a green focus, allowing members to decide and wield control over funds through active participation using the model. The DCO model established by Swarm is one-of-a-kind, and is opening the floodgates for companies to legally…

WoodShares is the first Distributed Collaborative Organization (DCO) with a green focus, allowing members to decide and wield control over funds through active participation using the model.

The DCO model established by Swarm is one-of-a-kind, and is opening the floodgates for companies to legally raise money via crowdsales and for participants to have shared control of the project via tokens.

WoodShares is like a financial futures option on “the distributed and collaborative investment on shares of commercial timberlands.”

The environmental timber project, backed by cryptoequity, has launched their own crowdsale.

Sales for WoodShares will be divided into three different rounds. The first stage has begun with the aim to raise 300 bitcoins, with the second one planned to start in July to raise 400 bitcoins. The last crowdsale will start in November. The goal at that time will be to take on 2,000 bitcoins.

According to the company’s press release:

With this initial crowdsale, Woodshares is raising money to purchase land and tree seedlings, and to begin the cultivation of the trees. By purchasing WoodShares tokens in this initial sale, supporters will be able to buy these coins at a discounted rate; as rounds progress, coins become more expensive.

Purchasers of WoodShares tokens become direct owners of the Woodshares project via the DCO model. This means they not only own the coin, but they own the project. They will have voting rights, direct access to project heads, and control over how the funds are used, what direction the project takes, and how profits are distributed.

Cryptocoins News (CCN) sat down with of WoodShares to discuss the project

Each hectare of a crop will be divided into ten million tokens (10,000,000) of WoodShares. Why did you choose that amount?

Initially we wanted to issue 10.000 tokens per hectare (Ha) to have a direct relation between each token and each square meter, but this way the cost of each WS token would be really high. We then decided to issue 10.000.000 per Ha to reduce the tokens prices and make it more accessible (1 WS = Btc BTC: 0.000032).

WoodShares goal is about 1000 hectares cultivated in a term of 20 years.

Is a woodshare a resource based crypto-token?

Not quite – Woodshares is the representation of a certain amount of commercial timberlands. But the tokens issued represent a small fraction of it, so people who buy are members of the woodshares project; that way they have power of decision and an even distribution over the project benefits.

Woodshares is a crypto-coin that has an initial cost associated to the cost of launching, implementing and maintaining of the cultivation of commercial timberlands.

The rise in value of each token is directly linked to the growing of the trees and the rise of the value of the wood in the market.

How is woodshares a part of the Bitcoin 2.0 development?

WoodShares token issuance was developed using the Counterparty platform, giving to these tokens a special value, as well everything registered on the Bitcoin´s block chain.

Also the subsequent dividend distribution will be made using the existing function in Counterwallet for this purpose.

Are there any environmental externalities that could impact the price of Woodshares tokens?

Droughts, plagues, diseases and fires are some of the environmental externalities that could impact negatively the WS token prices, but all of them are being taken into account to minimize them, control them or even avoid them.

We will buy disaster insurance and we are going to make a forest-management plan for the specific species and environments will cultivate.

What is the importance of combining the green and cryptocurrency movements?

The majority of the crypto-currency mining processes demands an extremely high quantity of energy, which means high levels of CO2 emissions. Green movements and an ecology approach must be in mind to allow a sustainable future.

Are woodshares good for the environment? How so?

Of course. Woodshares plantations will allow the CO2 capture, generating benefits to the atmosphere. Each hectare of timberlands captures an average of 3.5 tons of CO2 per year. Commercial timberlands will provide a legal source of wood for the industry, decreasing the fellings and razing of natural forests. Planted trees are constantly dropping leaves and twigs to the soil, that immediately starts a decomposing process that cause the improvement of the soils. The 5% equivalent to the commercial forest will be cultivated exclusively for conservation ends.

The crowdsale will follow the new organization form, Distributed Collaborative Organization (DCO), created by Swarm ( Can you tell us a bit more about this?

The DCO approach not only covers the crowdsale stage, but also all the development of the project. The DCO allows WoodShares members to have power of decision over critical topics, like reinvestment of revenues and funds control. This DCO management is expected to be implemented once the initial phase of the pilot project  is complete (land purchase, seedbeds and  transplanting of plantlets to definitive soil, etc.).

Can you tell us more about woodshares focus on Colombia?

Woodshares is a project led by Bitcoin Suramérica SAS, the first legally incorporated Bitcoin Company in Colombia. The target of WoodShares is the Bitcoin Community all around the world, but especially those who have the adequate financial education to see into the future and invest on long term projects.

How does Woodshares differ from other alt-cryptocoins?

Basically in 4 aspects:

  • Each WS token is backed up by a physical asset that rise its value each day (Commercial timberlands) but is not another cryptocoin. It’s a token created on counterparty which uses the Bitcoin protocol.
  • Woodshares takes an ecological approach by capturing CO2, improving lands, decreasing the felling of natural forest, contribution of cultivation for conservational ends and generation of direct and indirect work to the community.
  • WoodShares is focused as a DCO model (Distributed Collaborative Organization), where its members will have power of decision and control over the funds through their active participation.
  • Full disclosure and transparency in every activity and processes related with the project.

You can contact the team here

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