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March 10, 2020 12:15 AM UTC

Why Didn’t Elizabeth Warren Succeed? Because the Electorate Is Ignorant!

That's right, Elizabeth Warren didn't fail due to her own actions. Her failure rests on the American electorate being ignorant.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren decided to drop out of the presidential race last week after a series of disappointing results.
  • Warren even placed third in her home state!
  • California representative Jackie Speier, a Democrat, commented on Warren’s failure as the electorate not being enlightened enough to vote for her.

As yet another female presidential hopeful in Elizabeth Warren fell by the wayside, we saw commentators and analysts pick over the wreckage of her campaign, looking for reasons why it didn’t succeed.

This scenario is becoming a reoccurring theme. Picking over the failed campaigns of candidates who pander to the liberal elites.

The answer as to why Elizabeth Warren failed is clear as day, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s first look at what the media is telling us is the reason for her failure.

Elizabeth Warren didn’t fail, the electorate isn’t enlightened enough to vote for her

California representative Jackie Speier had this to say on Warren’s failure:

It’s truly disheartening. I wanted her to succeed in the worst way. I think the electorate has not come to the same level of enlightenment that many other countries around the world have: that a woman as president can be in the best interests of our country.

There we have it.

The reason Elizabeth Warren crashed and burned wasn’t due to anything she did wrong. She failed because the American electorate is too ignorant to vote for her.

Liberals love lashing out at those who don’t follow their lead

Speier’s comments are nothing new when it comes to the liberal elite in the United States. They claim to represent the people. They project the image of someone who cares.

Until you disagree with them, then you’re too ignorant to make the right choices.

It’s maybe worth pointing out that while we see accusations of sexism to explain Warren’s failures, the following information gives us an insight into how she performed in her home state of Massachusetts:

Source: Twitter

Her demise wasn’t as a result of older, white sexist males voting in droves against her. She lost much of the female vote as well.

Incredibly ironic that we’re seeing women like Speier accuse other women of “not being enlightened” on the same weekend as International Women’s Day.

So, where did Warren go wrong if it wasn’t sexism?

I promised that I’d get back to this, and I’m a lady of my word.

Elizabeth Warren failed because no one was quite sure what she was selling them. I’m not all that convinced she knew what she was selling either.

On the one hand, she appeared to be endorsing Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All plan, and there was the wealth tax she proposed.

So, she’s a democratic socialist? Well, not quite.

Warren had previously referred to herself as a “capitalist to her bones.”

Source: Twitter

So, Elizabeth Warren is somewhat similar to Bernie Sanders, but not quite. If you’re confused, welcome to the club. There’s a whole host of American voters who are already fully-paid members.

Warren’s flirtation with Sanders’ Medicare proposals and her wealth tax plans were more than enough to turn off voters who don’t quite buy what Sanders is selling.

When all looked to be lost, Elizabeth Warren did what anyone in her position would.

Pull the sexism card.

Source: Twitter

She earlier accused Bernie Sanders of claiming that a woman couldn’t win the presidency. I struggle to figure out at which point this seemed like a good idea. All she accomplished here was to lose the voters who may have been convinced by her Medicare and wealth tax proposals.

Maybe she figured that female voters would flock to her cause regardless? If so, she underestimates just how intelligent free-thinking women are in 2020. Bad mistake, Liz!

Elizabeth Warren lost because her campaign and her stances were as clear as mud. She ran a lousy campaign, assisted by people who didn’t do their job.

Sexism is real, but every time a woman uses it to explain away her shortcomings, it becomes a little less credible. We need to stop doing that and accept that sometimes we’re not as good as the other candidates.

Even if they are old and white.

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