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What xQc Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Twitch ‘Nudity’ Ban

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • xQc is one of the Twitch streaming community’s biggest names.
  • He was recently banned for showing nudity on his stream.
  • Some fans think he secretly got banned on purpose. And their argument is surprisingly compelling.

Ridiculously popular Twitch streamer xQc recently ate a three-day ban. Apparently he thought it would be an excellent idea to play a hentai game called Strip 4: Classmate Study on stream. You’ll be shocked to learn this didn’t go over very well .

The gameplay in Strip 4: Classmate Study is exactly what you’d expect from the title. It’s like the Connect Four board game, albeit with a pornographic twist.

xqc twitch ban
Source: Twitter 

It was laughably obvious to anyone watching the stream that the game contained nudity, and nudity violates Twitch’s guidelines. So why on earth did xQc decide to play it on stream?

xQc Might Have Secretly Wanted a Break

For all its perks, making a living as a Twitch streamer can be insanely stressful. To maintain your audience, you have to keep streaming pretty much constantly. It’s not hard to see why that would take a toll on your psyche.

That’s why YouTuber Esports Talk speculates that xQc secretly wanted to get banned . The evidence is compelling:

  • Strip 4: Classmate Study clearly featured nudity.
  • xQc disabled censoring.
  • He ignored a prompt informing him a character was about to remove their top.

Despite all these warnings, xQc knowingly allowed a topless character to expose themselves on his stream. As Esports Talk concluded:

Either he wanted the ban, or he’s incredibly stupid.

For once, Twitch was entirely justified for banning a streamer.

A 3-Day Ban Is Basically a Holiday for Twitch Streamers

It can be difficult to voluntarily step back and take a break from a successful streaming career. Eating a three-day ban has clearly given xQc a good reason not to stream for a few days.

Whether he actually did secretly want the ban or not isn’t 100% clear. But the sequence of events looks pretty suspicious.

Then again, maybe this was all a publicity stunt. Perhaps xQc was trying to drum up some more attention for his Twitch channel. If so, it’s working.

Either way, he seems pretty excited to be back, at least if his recent Twitter activity is anything to go by .

xQc - Tweet About Twitch Ban Lifting
Source: Twitter 

This might even start a trend among streamers. “Accidentally” feature nudity on your stream to get a temporary ban so you can take a blame-free vacation while your name stays in the headlines.

How long will it take for Twitch to catch on?

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