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Weird Tom Brady Rumor Points to Patriots Divorce (And It Involves Guy Fieri)

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:23 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:23 PM
  • Rumors continue to swirl that Tom Brady will leave the Patriots and test free agency.
  • None of the rumors have stable legs to stand on, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation.
  • The evidence, while circumstantial, continues to mount.

When you are as insanely popular (and hated) as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, it is only fitting that the rumors run as wild and crazy as he is popular (and hated).

The rumors need to fit the man, after all.

For months, there has been gossip floating around about a disconnect between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Things are allegedly bad enough that when his contract expires at the end of the season, he is going to go elsewhere to finish his career.


According to the unsubstantiated rumor mill, that is. But the latest rumor, one involving television personality Guy Fieri of all people, isn’t just a rumor.

It is a fact.

Tom Brady Steps Down from Charity After 16 Years

What is one thing a guy looking to move to another city might do? Drawing back from charity commitments, maybe? Well, after serving as the honorary co-chair of the Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port for 16 years, Tom Brady is stepping down .

In his stead remains Guy Fieri, along with Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy, III. They’ll be joined by two new co-chairs—Patriots receiver Julian Edelman and Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum.

While Brady is stepping down from this event (and leaving it in the greasy hands of Guy Fieri), he is maintaining his relationship with the organization. He will now serve as a “global ambassador.”

It sounds like the perfect thing for someone who could be moving to Miami, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, or the city of some other team the rumor mill has tied him to.

Say It Isn’t So, Tom!

We love it when our heroes stay with one team for their entire careers, but few ever do. But having been in New England for so long, and when you consider his age—it doesn’t make sense for him to leave the Patriots.

But his expiring contract starts the rumors. His refusal to look beyond this year (at least when talking to the media) gives them life. Then there are the rumors of a rift of sorts between Brady and Belichick. It seems that they both want to prove that they are the secret to the Patriots’ success.

tom brady, bill belichick, patriots
What should we make of the rumors of a rift between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? | Source: Al Bello/Getty Images/AFP

To prove who’s right, one of them must move on. Brady was born out in California. Is it tough to believe he may want to move back out to California? His parents still live in San Mateo; it would be easier for them to come to games and see their grandchildren.

His wife is gorgeous; maybe she wants to transition into movies. She has been in a couple already. After living in the Boston area for his career, it may be time to move somewhere more conducive for hers.

It’s not like other superstar quarterbacks haven’t moved on to new teams late in their careers. The 49ers moved on from four-time Super Bowl champ Joe Montana, and he finished up in Kansas City. Colts legend Peyton Manning played in Denver for a few years—and won a Super Bowl.

It sounds ridiculous, and there seems like there’s no way it could happen—but it might. Tom Brady could be leaving the Patriots. He is not going to be under contract, he is selling his home, his trainer is selling his house, and he is stepping back from charitable obligations.

It’s hard to believe, but it does sound like Brady might be ready to move on.