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Van Dijk’s $195 Million Juventus Rumor Isn’t as Insane as it Sounds

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:33 PM
  • Virgil Van Dijk has been a colossus at the heart of the Liverpool defense since his arrival from Southampton and is generally considered the best defender in the world.
  • Juventus are looking to tempt both Liverpool and Van Dijk with a huge £150 million summer offer.
  • If Liverpool wins the title this season, the Juventus deal has more chance of happening.

Virgil Van Dijk to Juventus?  Liverpool fans may laugh off such transfer chatter, just as Real Madrid fans didn’t see Ronaldo heading to the Turin club.

Depending on how this season finishes for Liverpool, this move could very quickly become a reality.

Source: Twitter 

World-class players like Virgil van Dijk thrive on new challenges

As things stand, the big Dutchman has already won the Champions League with Liverpool, and a league title looks a certainty this year.

Once he’s accomplished both of those aims, what’s left? The FA Cup? We already know how Liverpool feel about that, so I doubt he’s dreaming of walking up those steps at Wembley.

Let’s be honest. This is very likely as good as it gets for Liverpool.


A move to Juventus will signal a step up for Van Dijk, as much as Liverpool fans won’t want to hear that. The chance to play alongside one of the two greatest players in the world in Ronaldo? That type of opportunity doesn’t come around often, and it’s one he’s not likely to see at Liverpool.

Recent talk from Van Dijk himself doesn’t sound like a man committed to Liverpool for the long-term:

I’m enjoying playing with this team and this manager. We can’t look too far ahead. But right now, I’m enjoying it.

The Italian league brings a whole host of new challenges for Van Dijk. The chance to win a league title in another of Europe’s top divisions, as well as a fresh Champions League challenge.

It’s been almost 25 years since the Italian giants won Europe’s premier trophy. The team that finally brings the Champions League back to Turin will become instant legends.

Van Dijk has designs on the Ballon d’Or

Having come in 2nd to the immense Lionel Messi last season, you can bet that Van Dijk has his eye on the Ballon d’Or over the next few years. The recent stranglehold on the award that Messi and Ronaldo have had will end soon. Both players are coming towards the end of their respective careers. Van Dijk will fancy himself to step up and fill that void.

It’s highly unlikely he’ll accomplish that at Liverpool.

The Klopp factor

Despite signing a new deal with Liverpool late last year, there has been some concern that Jurgen Klopp may not see out his new contract. And let’s be honest, the German manager has previous for declaring his loyalty and commitment only to renege on those promises a short time later.

Source: Twitter 

Could Liverpool continue in their current form if the enigmatic German isn’t at the helm? I’ll be honest; I have my doubts. There’s every chance that Liverpool could fall to pieces if Klopp decided he wasn’t the man to lead them anymore.

Reports have surfaced that the Anfield club is preparing to offer Virgil van Dijk a new contract.  How he deals with that will go a long way to telling us if he’s entertaining the idea of a move to Italy, or anywhere else, anytime soon.