Tim Tebow Goes for Hot Take on Alabama but Misses the Mark

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October 20, 2019 7:00 PM UTC

Tim Tebow is a good college football analyst. When he talks, most of the time, you don’t wish for early death or a commercial. Tebow is precisely what you want in an analyst – he doesn’t try to be bigger or more important than the game. However, with his recent ‘hot take’ on an ‘overlooked’ Alabama team, he is doing just that.

Shame on you, Tim Tebow. Shame on you.

Tim Tebow’s ‘Hot Take’ on Alabama

He didn’t say anything crazy or off the wall, and what he did say—he backed up with a decent argument. But he missed the real reason why Alabama doesn’t appear as if they are garnering much college football playoff attention.

In a recent interview with USA Today, he had this to say about Alabama:

“I think they’re being overlooked because of the championship game last year. I think they’re being overlooked because of the hype that they’ve had for the last 10 years. I think they’re being overlooked because they expected so much from Tua (Tagovailoa).”

He included the quality of their wide receivers, Jerry Jeudy, DeVonta Smith, Henry Ruggs III, and Jaylen Waddle, as another reason

“I think there are other (receiving corps) up there that have been great. Miami’s had a few; Southern Cal’s had a few. But I think there’s a legit shot that four of those guys could be first-round draft picks. And they’re all game-breakers.”

Okay, Tim. It is not a bad argument – but it is also not the first time you have thought people were overlooking Alabama.

Alabama Is Not Being Overlooked—They Just Aren’t Interesting

He is right about one thing—Alabama isn’t a big topic of conversation so far this season. But that isn’t because anyone is overlooking Alabama. They simply aren’t a good story right now.

Alabama has been incredibly good for a long time, so good, that we expect them to be amazing, year in and year out. So, when they follow through on those expectations, it’s not news. At least, not exciting news.

What makes for better television or clickbait? Talking about Alabama beating up on another opponent by 30+ points? Not exactly. But talking about Florida being undefeated after losing their quarterback and going with a guy who hasn’t started since his freshman year in high school—that’s interesting.

That’s good television.

Fans do not want to hear more talk about how great Alabama is. If they are watching, chances are good they already know. However, they do want to hear about the teams that could be great. Fans want to hear about how Jalen Hurts is doing at Oklahoma or whether Texas is really back this time or if a Pac-12 team could be worth a playoff spot this year.

They want to hear about who could knock the Alabamas of the world off their pedestal, not that Alabama beat another underwhelming opponent by 35 points.

Tim—you are an awesome guy, but in this case, you are wrong. No one overlooks Alabama; they just aren’t very interesting right now. Teams that aren’t interesting do not make for good television. Now, should Tua Tagovailoa need more than the next two weeks to recover from his high ankle sprain and have to miss the LSU game—then they will be must-see-TV.

Until then, there are other teams and other things that college football fans want to hear about more.

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