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This Breath of the Wild 2 Leak Is an Obvious Fraud… Right?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is one of Nintendo’s most highly-anticipated future games.
  • Someone on Reddit published a “leak” about the next Zelda title.
  • It’s obviously fake… right?

Nintendo fans everywhere are rabidly excited for Breath of the Wild 2. Some are so excited that they spend their days trawling the darkened alleys of the internet for scraps of new information about the sequel to the latest Legend of Zelda title.

Unfortunately, the web is also a breeding ground for trolls. Trolls like (presumably) a Redditor dubiously named “BobIsTheWise.”

Reddit Trolls Spread ‘Breath of the Wild 2’ Leaks

Bob has been flooding the GamingLeaksandRumors subreddit claiming he has the inside scoop on the next Legend of Zelda game .

His “scoop” does sound incredibly tantalizing, but you should take what his “friend” says about Breath of the Wild 2 with a massive dose of skepticism.

Breath of the Wild 2 - 'leak'
The details of the ‘leak’ are tantalizing, but they’re also easily disproved with a basic knowledge of Zelda canon. | Source: Reddit 

Trying to Leak Breath of the Wild 2 Is a Dangerous Prospect Right Now

Nintendo has launched an aggressive campaign against leakers lately. Probably because E3 is just a few months away. No matter the reason, they’ve been pursuing litigation against pretty much every leaker they can get their grubby claws on.

This makes the prospect of leaking any Nintendo game a dangerous endeavor. Let alone something as guarded as Breath of the Wild 2. So someone posting a whole bunch of plot-critical information just doesn’t seem feasible.

Not to mention that Bob’s scoop has a “my dad works at Nintendo” vibe to it. Something which other Redditors were quick to point out .

This ‘Leak’ Has Some Sketchy Details

It’s not just the danger of litigation that makes this Breath of the Wild 2 leak unbelievable.

According to the leaker, Link has a mentor who was responsible for murdering the parents of the main villain, Ganon.

The issue is that Ganon’s parents were murdered thousands of years ago when he was still a child. We know from the canon that Hylians live longer than humans, but not that much longer.

Barring an inexplicable canonical blunder from Nintendo, that fact right there would seem to refute this leak outright.

That makes this Breath of the Wild 2 “leak” look like nothing more than a shady attempt to score some Reddit karma. Or maybe Nintendo has a looser grasp on their own canon than we thought.

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