moolah ceoOn Sunday, Syscoin released legal documents detailing their communication with former Moolah CEO Ryan Kennedy (aka Alex Green) over the past few weeks. Syscoin began litigation against Kennedy for refusing to return the 750 bitcoins Syscoin raised during their presale and placed in Moopay’s escrow service. Kennedy claims the bitcoins were stolen by unscrupulous users who exploited a flaw in the MintPal code.

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On November 2, Syscoin Team Manager Dan Wasyluk uploaded five legal documents to the official Syscoin blog. The documents detail Syscoin’s case against Ryan Kennedy/Moopay LTD and show Kennedy’s defense. Wasyluk explained the altcoin decided to make the documents public because the case has implications for the entire cryptocurrency community.

Syscoin is just one little corner in the rapidly growing crypto-currency landscape, but our case impacts everyone within it. Our case will set important legal precedents which will affect future cases. It will also send a clear message to would-be bad actors that their activities will not be tolerated and that they will be called to court to answer for their actions. Far too many of us have lost far too much bitcoin by trusting people who promised to be responsible with our wealth but instead chose to enrich themselves by scamming from their customers. The personal hardship and financial losses they cause are hard to quantify. We don’t think it has to stay like this.

 Ryan Kennedy Claims “Bug” Explains Missing Bitcoins


A lot of the information contained within the documents had already been made public by Syscoin and their lawyers. However, two of the documents are from Kennedy or his lawyers and explain his defense. In the following witness statement, Kennedy claims he discovered a bug in the MintPal code that allowed “unscrupulous users” to withdraw more coins than they owned, which drained the reserve accounts. Moreover, he claims he never personally had possession of Syscoin’s bitcoins. Document available here.

A judge has now ordered Kennedy to hand over the server hard drives so forensic investigators can determine whether or not the alleged bug exists. CCN will continue to provide updates as the story develops.

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Disclosure: The author has no affiliation with Syscoin or Moolah, other than using both Prelude & MintPal.

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