Sex, Drugs & Game of Thrones: the McAfee Guide to Surviving Bitcoin’s Apocalypse
As bitcoin endures a punishing price crash, John McAfee revealed his three-part survival guide: sex, drugs, and Game of Thrones. | Source: HBO via AP

September brought a painful reckoning to the cryptocurrency market, ushering in a brutal bitcoin price crash that wiped thousands of dollars – and months of progress – off the asset’s hard-fought recovery.

To make matters worse, bitcoin’s terrifying technical picture is leading analysts to augur even sharper losses in the coming weeks, with longtime skeptics like Peter Schiff gleefully forecasting complete meltdowns.

John McAfee: Watch Game of Thrones, Not Crypto Price Charts

john mcafee, bitcoin apocalypse survival guide
John McAfee has some tips on how to survive the bitcoin price crash. | Source: REUTERS / Alexandre Meneghini

Enigmatic cryptocurrency influencer John McAfee knows a thing or two about meltdowns, and he’s long claimed that he knows a thing or two about bitcoin as well.

Bolstered by those credentials, McAfee tweeted out a succinct how-to manual for shellshocked cryptocurrency investors who might be ready to cut their losses and cash out.

McAfee said that he “firmly” believes the bitcoin price will soar to $50,000 in the medium term and onwards and upwards to $1 million in less than 15 months. What cryptocurrency investors need to worry about is the stomach-churning short term.

bitcoin price chart
John McAfee advises nervous crypto investors to watch Game of Thrones, not bitcoin price charts. | Source: TradingView

He suggests that you “stop wringing your hands” and distract yourself by indulging in three of humanity’s favorite vices: sex, drugs, and Game of Thrones.

Here’s the full text of his 269-character how-to manual:

“Ignore this drop in Bitcoin’s price. I am firmly with Peter Brandt in his medium term $50k price prediction. I am also firm on my $1 mil price by the end of 2020. Stop wringing your hands! Watch GOT reruns, or woo your spouse or finish off your drug stash. All is well.”

No HBO subscription, and too scrupulous to illegally stream one of the most pirated shows of all time? You can always dive into the original A Song of Ice and Fire novels, though at this rate, the crypto market will recover before author George R.R. Martin finishes writing the final two books in the series.

The Clock Ticks on McAfee’s Bewildering Bitcoin Price Bet

game of thrones, george r.r. martin
Which comes first: the crypto market’s recovery or the final two Game of Thrones books? | Source: Angela Weiss / AFP

At any rate, McAfee had better hope that it does, because he arguably has more riding on this than anyone.

More than just a financial stake, the septuagenarian former internet tycoon swore that he would chow down on his manhood on national television if the bitcoin price fails to eclipse $1 million by the end of 2020.

how is john mcafee's bitcoin price bet doing?
Bitcoin keeps falling further and further below the trend-line it needs to maintain to achieve McAfee’s bullish target. | Source:

That starry-eyed gamble seemed far-fetched, even when he first made it in Nov. 2017 as crypto fever began to boil over into an unabashed mania.

Nearly two years later, with bitcoin trapped in a downward spiral and the clock steadily ticking on McAfee’s bold prediction, it’s difficult to agree with his defiant assertion that “all is well.”

This article was edited by Samburaj Das.

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