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Sam Darnold Channels Jets Icon Joe Namath for All the Wrong Reasons

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:18 PM
  • Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was allegedly partying like a rockstar after Sunday’s victory over Oakland.
  • He’s far from the first New York Jets quarterback to enjoy the nightlife.
  • Darnold’s inspiring comparisons to Joe Namath, but he should be channeling a different #12.

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold is proving that his USC days are not behind him. According to Page Six, Darnold was partying like a college freshman at his first dorm party on Sunday night. 

A Page Six “spy” said Darnold got “wasted” and “hooked up with a girl” following the Jets victory over Oakland. The team celebrated at one of their favorite hangs, the Bounce Sporting Club. The spy continues,

They were celebrating like they’d just won the Super Bowl. Sam Darnold was wasted, hooking up with some girl. The other guys on the team had to [look after] him.

Another source confirmed that the team “protected” him like they do both on and off the field. Darnold appears to be well on his way of continuing the legacy of belligerent New York Jets quarterbacks.

Darnold Is Channeling His Inner Joe Namath

Sam Darnold has his work cut out for him if he wants to party harder than New York Jets legend Joe Namath.

Namath was one of the first pro athletes to be considered a full-on celebrity.  His parties at his penthouse suite in Manhattan were the stuff of legend. He once said he slept with over 300 women while attending Alabama University. 

Sam Darnold is like Jets legend Joe Namath
The Jets have a long tradition of party animal QBs. | Source: Wikimedia Commons 

Not shy about his drinking, Namath said,

I only drink in two situations: when I’m with others and when I’m by myself.

The alcohol didn’t seem to be a major problem for Namath until he retired. His sideline interview in 2003 became legendary in the wrong way. During an interview with Suzy Kolber, Namath was slurring his words then drunkenly told her that he wanted to kiss her.

Much like Michael Jordan’s crying meme, new generations of fans came to know Namath for this video rather than his football accomplishments.

Former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez did a poor man’s impression of Namath on and off the field. While Sanchez couldn’t sustain any consistent success as a quarterback, he seemed to have fun as a famous person. Sanchez became known for his viral videos with beautiful women and partying with his pants off.  He retired after ten years in the league.

He Should Try Channeling His Inner Tom Brady

tom brady
Sam Darnold should be channeling a different #12. | Source: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images/AFP

The 4-7 Jets don’t have a lot to celebrate, but maybe they would if they didn’t get hammered after meaningless victories.

To be fair, Sam Darnold and the Jets are riding a three-game winning streak. After a string of odd injuries, Darnold finally seems to be getting into a groove, albeit against weak competition. Their last three opponents have a combined record of 10-23.

Maybe Darnold should take a note from division rival New England Patriots. While the Jets are out are getting sloppy drunk, Tom Brady is limiting his tomato consumption to once a month. 

While no 22-year-old should be expected to live up to Tom Brady’s greatness, Darnold should at least keep things in check before he ends up hitting on sideline reporters.