REAL Launches ICO to Disrupt Global Real Estate Investment Markets

Real Token

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Since the turn of the millennium, real estate has doubled the performance of the S&P 500. Unfortunately, real estate is notoriously illiquid and is too expensive for average investors. REAL (Real Estate Asset Ledger) aims to initiate a real estate investment revolution that will increase market liquidity and remove the barriers that prevented ordinary investors from reaping real estate profits in the past.

How REAL’s Crypto-Crowdfunding Ecosystem Works

REAL will disrupt global real estate investing by moving it on to the Ethereum blockchain and enabling the average investor to build a real estate portfolio. REAL functions as an online crowdfunding platform that reduces the friction between property owners and investors. Because it uses smart-contracts and blockchain technology, it also provides security, transparency, and global access.

Property owners and developers will apply to have their assets tokenized and listed on the REAL crowdfunding website. The REAL team – which is composed of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and developers who have already invested $350,000 of their own funds in the project – will carefully analyze the properties to select the ones that will provide investors with the greatest long-term value, with targeted annual returns of 12-20%.

As an investor, you can research these hand-selected rental investment properties on the REAL crowdfunding website. After selecting an investment, you can purchase a stake using REAL tokens acquired from the upcoming token sale or an exchange. With REAL, your investments are not limited by geography or the size of your wallet. Through the crowdfunding platform, which will launch in November, you will have access to lucrative investment properties throughout the world with no minimum investment.

You can track your investments through the platform’s easy-to-use portfolio manager. Every month, you will receive a share of the property’s rental profits – paid out in ether – equivalent to your stake, minus a small management fee. If you decide you want to cash out an investment, you can sell or trade those rights to another investor.

REAL Token ICO Begins August 31

real token

The REAL token sale will begin on August 31, but investors contributing greater than 100 ETH will have the opportunity to participate in a 24-hour pre-sale on August 24. During the ICO, investors will be able to acquire tokens at the rate of 220 REAL per 1 ETH until the investment cap has been reached.

REAL tokens are 100% asset-backed, minimizing the price volatility associated with most cryptocurrencies. REAL aims to further decrease fluctuations by using 80-90% of funds raised to advance real estate asset acquisition and establish a REAL token price floor. Consequently, REAL tokens are a great way to diversify your crypto-portfolio.

After acquiring tokens, REAL CEO & co-founder Enrique Dubois says contributors will not have to wait long to begin investing in the global real estate market.

As soon as November our crowdfunding site will be live with properties to invest. Our investors from all parts of the world will be able to participate in the rental and value appreciation profits, using their cryptofunds.

The REAL crypto-crowdfunding platform is an exciting development for the digital currency ecosystem. This project is poised to disrupt global real estate investing, so get in on the ground floor by participating in the ICO, beginning August 31, or the pre-sale, which begins on August 24. To learn more about the REAL project, read the whitepaper, contact them on Slack, or follow them on Twitter.

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