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Pentagon’s UFO Footage Doesn’t Answer the Crucial Q – Do Aliens Exist?

Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
  • UFO footage originally shared by Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy has been verified by the Pentagon.
  • Many are taking this as proof that aliens exist.
  • While the verification of this footage is interesting, it does not prove anything on its own.

It’s finally happening. After months of jokes about alien invasions, aliens have been proven to exist. The Pentagon has verified some pretty interesting UFO footage. Not only are alien believers feeling insanely happy, but also Tom Delonge has been vindicated.

But, has he? This footage is real, but does it actually prove anything? As exciting as it is, it’s important to examine the footage with a critical eye. Being swept up by trends is easy. However, some grainy footage is certainly not definitive proof of aliens.

Potential Proof that Aliens Exist
This grainy footage of a weird light with a military HUD around it is not quite definitive proof that aliens actually exist. | Source: YouTube 

This Pentagon Footage Isn’t Enough to Prove Aliens Exist on Its Own

As much as I want to believe aliens exist, this footage isn’t groundbreaking. For one thing, we’ve known about it for years. Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy have featured these videos on YouTube since 2017 .

They have been directed from almost every single angle. Yet, no one is freaking out. Mainly because, as intriguing as these videos are, they’re not proof. TechInsider’s video on the subject points out why .

Caleb Scharf is a Ph.D. astronomer from Columbia University . In the video, he makes a good point.

Jumping to saying that what you’re seeing could be some advanced technological alien spacecraft, that’s a really big leap to make.

That’s the real factor to consider here. Just because the footage is interesting doesn’t mean that aliens exist. A healthy amount of scientific skepticism is appropriate here.

Listen to Scientists, Not Just Trends

‘Aliens Exist’ is trending all over the place right now. Like I said before, trends are easy to be swept away by. But, it’s important to actually listen to the experts. Until scientists actually come out and say “we have definitive proof of alien life” we cannot be sure aliens exist.

Believing that aliens exist is fine. There are many reasons to think that the possibility of extraterrestrial life is out there . We have an infinitely large universe after all. But, don’t start wearing sandwich boards and tin foil hats just yet.

Overall it seems like most of the tweets about the ‘new’ footage are jokes . It’s likely that the internet will forget about this quickly. As soon as the next trending topic rears its head.

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