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Jim Cramer’s Bitcoin Prediction Could Point to Big Rise Around ETF Launch

Last Updated January 9, 2024 10:58 AM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated January 9, 2024 10:58 AM

Key Takeaways

  • Jim Cramer suggests Bitcoin may be reaching its peak
  • His track record raises concerns about his predictions
  • Cramer emphasizes promise of technology stocks

Amid a prevailing sense of optimism in the cryptocurrency sector and Bitcoin (BTC) hitting $47,000 , investors are now deliberating the possibility of diversifying their portfolios to include crypto-related businesses.

Financial commentator Jim Cramer has suggested that Bitcoin may be reaching its peak, with a potential “topping out” of its value.

Traders Mock Cramer’s Bitcoin Prediction

Cramer made his comments on a recent episode of CNBC’s “Mad Money”.

He said: “Let’s stop fooling around. You want Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is topping around, by the way.”

Cramer often garners attention as a contrarian indicator due to his history of market predictions. A notable instance of this occurred on January 2, when Cramer commended Bitcoin’s resilience, marking a substantial shift from his previous skepticism.

Despite his recent endorsement of Bitcoin the cryptocurrency fell below $41,000 the next day. Adding to the unpredictability, Cramer’s prediction in October  of a significant downturn for Bitcoin was proven incorrect. Instead, the digital currency experienced a rally, surging 150% in 2023.

Given Cramer’s track record and the tendency for outcomes to diverge from his predictions, traders are interpreting his recent remarks as a bullish signal.

X Users Show Positive Sentiment on Bitcoin’s Market Value

Cramer’s remarks have unexpectedly led to a surge of bullish sentiment about Bitcoin on Twitter, highlighting a trend where his comments often lead to the opposite market reaction.

Cramer’s latest comments contrast sharply with his statement on January 2. Then, he declared that “you can’t kill Bitcoin, and it’s here to stay.” This indicated a shift in his stance on the cryptocurrency.

Over the past few months, Jim Cramer has frequently changed his position on Bitcoin, oscillating between bullish and bearish views on the cryptocurrency.

Optimism Towards Technology Stocks

In the latest episode , Jim Cramer underscored the promise of tech stocks, urging viewers to maintain their faith in these investments.

He said:

“Holy cow, don’t give up on Apple. Stop selling them Nvidia, please. Get back into Microsoft. And don’t forget Meta Platforms. You ignored these stocks, you’re having a risk.”

Cramer focused on the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. He highlighted Nvidia’s introduction of generative AI chips for personal computers at the Consumer Electronics Show. He views these innovations as potentially transformative for both consumer behavior and the broader tech industry.

Cramer said:

“They’re bringing AI to millions of regular people, not just the hottest in the enterprises. And it could be the first major reason to buy a new PC.”

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