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Peter Schiff Says Sell Bitcoin and Buy Gold Now

Published April 1, 2024 10:23 AM
Teuta Franjkovic
Published April 1, 2024 10:23 AM
By Teuta Franjkovic
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Key Takeaways

  • Peter Schiff argues that rising BTC weakens gold’s role as a threat to fiat currencies, potentially benefiting central banks.
  • He predicts a Bitcoin price crash, contrasting it with gold’s stability as a store of value during economic uncertainty.
  • Highlighting the U.S. national debt, he expresses concern about potential hyperinflation.

Peter Schiff, known for his critical views on Bitcoin and advocacy for gold, has recently made remarks  that shed light on his perspective regarding the financial landscape.

He particularly stressed the dynamics between Bitcoin, gold, and the broader economic environment.

Bitcoin Stealing Gold’s Thunder?

In his latest tweet , Schiff suggests that the rising interest and approval of Bitcoin ETFs might be inadvertently aiding central banks and large governments by diverting investor attention from gold, which he views as a significant threat to the fiat-based monetary system and the dominance of the US dollar.

Schiff argues Bitcoin could be diluting the impact gold has on providing a counterweight to fiat currencies. This could, therefore, see it help maintain traditional financial systems​​.

Schiff’s observations come amid a backdrop of increasing national debt in the US, which he highlights as a pressing concern. He points to the hyperinflation experienced by Germany  in the early 20th century as a cautionary tale. This suggests similar economic pressures could elevate Bitcoin’s value dramatically if America were to experience comparable financial turbulence.

Again, this juxtaposition is made in the context of the US national debt’s alarming expansion , having more than doubled over the last 10 years. This has led to a cross-party consensus on the urgent need to reassess the viability of current fiscal policies.

Gold Glimmering as Bitcoin’s Bubble Risks Burst

Despite his skepticism towards Bitcoin’s utility and stability, particularly in comparison to gold, Schiff’s analysis acknowledges the complex interplay between digital currencies, traditional gold investment, and the broader economic indicators.

His predictions for 2024 reflect a cautious stance on Bitcoin’s future, suggesting its recent price surge may be a bubble poised to burst. This contrasts sharply with gold’s more stable value proposition.


These insights from Schiff offer a multifaceted view of the current economic landscape. They highlight the ongoing debate between digital and traditional stores of value, and potential implications for investors, central banks, and global financial stability.

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