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Max Keiser: The Story of a Bitcoin “Legend”

Last Updated March 16, 2024 11:12 AM
Teuta Franjkovic
Last Updated March 16, 2024 11:12 AM
By Teuta Franjkovic
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Key Takeaways

  • Max Keiser increased his Bitcoin price prediction to $400,000 for the first time since 2012.
  • Keiser has been a prominent figure in the Bitcoin community since its early days.
  • Keiser’s flamboyant style and bold predictions have made him a controversial but significant figure in the cryptocurrency space.

Max Keiser, the RT host, has recently revised his Bitcoin price forecast  to $220,000, $400,000, and even $750,000  marking another adjustment since 2012.

Keiser, who has been advocating for Bitcoin purchases since its price was merely $1, informed the controversial host Alex Jones that his initial estimate of Bitcoin reaching $100,000 was now considerably understated.

Bitcoin Prediction to $400,000, Cementing Legacy as Crypto Visionary

Back in 2020, in his discussion, Keiser said: “For the first time in eight years, I am updating my Bitcoin target. Initially, when Bitcoin was at $1, I predicted it could reach $100,000. Now, I’m adjusting my target to $400,000.”

Keiser, who hosted The Keiser Report on RT, made these comments as the outbreak COVID-19 loomed over global markets. On the same day, Bitcoin’s value dipped below $10,000.

Despite the immediate market fluctuations, Keiser expressed unwavering confidence in Bitcoin, stating that the premier cryptocurrency remains as compelling an investment now as it was at the time of his original prediction. He said :

“Bitcoin is just as appealing now at $10,000 or $9,300 as it was when it was at $100.”

After that, he made a few more premonitions. The last one  was “$220,000 still in play”, positioning Keiser as one of the most bullish proponents in the Bitcoin community.

But how Max Keiser became a Bitcoin legend and what ‘long and winding road’ preceded him becoming a Bitcoin millionaire?

20,000,000% Gain & A Challenge to Fiat Money

Max Keiser has been a notable figure in the Bitcoin community, known for his early advocacy and bold predictions regarding the cryptocurrency’s value. Back in 2011, just a few years after Bitcoin’s creation, Keiser’s investment in Bitcoin led to a reported gain of over 20,000,000% as the cryptocurrency surged from around $0.30 to its all-time highs​​.

Keiser forum
Credit: X/Rizzo

His long-term bullish stance on Bitcoin has been characterized by his belief in its capacity to disrupt traditional financial systems and act as a form of “resistance money” against the perceived failings of fiat currency. In a presentation in Uruguay, Keiser emphasized Bitcoin’s role in challenging and potentially replacing the inherent violence of fiat money with its peaceful nature​​

Keiser’s early coverage of Bitcoin  on mainstream media platforms and his continuous engagement with the cryptocurrency’s community have played a significant role in bringing attention to Bitcoin’s potential as both an investment and a revolutionary financial technology. His activities and predictions have been followed closely by both supporters and skeptics within the crypto space.

Keiser Mocks Schiff: ‘Buy Bitcoin!’ Call From 2011 Echoes

Back in 2011, when Bitcoin was trading at around $1, Max Keiser made a memorable recommendation  to renowned gold investor Peter Schiff: to buy Bitcoin. Schiff, however, chose not to follow Keiser’s advice, a decision that Keiser has not let him forget, often playfully trolling him for missing out on Bitcoin’s meteoric rise.

At the same time, Keiser boldly declared  Bitcoin “the biggest story of the decade”. This proclamation that has proven prescient as Bitcoin has indeed emerged as a major financial and technological phenomenon.

This exchange and prediction underscore the dynamic debates within investment communities about the value and future of cryptocurrencies versus traditional assets like gold.

Keiser’s Early Calls Shape Crypto fortunes

In 2012, Max Keiser took the initiative to advise Tim Pool, a well-known journalist and YouTuber, to invest in Bitcoin. Heeding Keiser’s advice, Pool became not just an investor but also a staunch advocate for the cryptocurrency.

Keiser Tim Pool
Credit: X/Rizzo

By 2013, as Bitcoin’s value soared to $30, Keiser himself became one of the first Bitcoin millionaires globally. This marked a significant milestone in the digital currency’s journey.

Further showcasing his belief in Bitcoin’s potential, in 2014, Keiser gifted Russell Brand , a comedian, podcaster and alleged  sex abuser, 1,000 Bitcoins. Unfortunately, Brand misplaced them, a decision that, in hindsight, cost him dearly. Those Bitcoins would be valued at approximately $70 million today. This demonstrates the volatile and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency investments and the immense wealth generated for early adopters who held onto their assets.

Bitcoin Evangelist From Birthday Cakes to Private Jet Logos

Max Keiser’s Bitcoin journey has been marked by sometimes flamboyant gestures that underline his belief in the cryptocurrency. On his birthday, President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele celebrated  Keiser’s contributions and enthusiasm for Bitcoin by presenting him with a BTC-themed cake.

Keiser’s advocacy didn’t stop at personal celebrations. In 2022, he extended an offer to Mexico’s third wealthiest individual Ricardo Salinas Pliego , offering to pay for a Bitcoin logo on his private jet.

He further showcased his dedication to the Bitcoin cause at a conference. There, he took to the stage  in a dramatic manner following news that Tesla had sold its Bitcoin holdings.

Keiser’s actions often teeter between serious financial advocacy and theatrical promotion. Nevertheless, he is still a notable part of the Bitcoin community.


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