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Solana Saga 2: Crypto Phone Hits 60K Preorders in Anticipation of Lucrative Airdrops

Last Updated February 8, 2024 12:12 PM
James Morales
Last Updated February 8, 2024 12:12 PM

Key Takeaways

  • The first Solana Saga initially flopped, but sold out after the value of BONK airdropped to each unit soared.
  • Anticipation of more airdrops has fueled demand for the second edition of the crypto phone.
  • In the first 30 hours of the presale, Solana Saga “Chapter 2” had 30K preorders with the number rising since then.

Before the first units have even hit the shelves, the Solana Saga “Chapter 2” crypto phone has already proved significantly more popular than its predecessor.

Just a few weeks after Solana announced the new phone, more than 60,000 Chapter 2 devices have been preordered, surpassing the total number of first edition Sagas sold in over a year on the market. 

Solana Dropping a Second Crypto Phone

Although it initially flopped, the first Solana Saga became a hit in December after BONK tokens airdropped to each device suddenly became hot property.

For its second model, Solana Mobile has sought to leverage airdrop hype, promoting the new phone with a token giveaway to coincide with an anticipated surge in giveaways from decentralized apps (DApps) built for the platform.

Airdrop Hype Gives New Wind to Solana Mobile

The first generation Saga came with a non-transferable Saga genesis token which catalyzed a string of airdrops from the various DApps within the nascent Solana Mobile ecosystem. 

Because each Genesis token was tied to a physical device, DApp could distribute free NFTs to token holders, knowing that they had the right hardware to download and run Solana Mobile applications. 

According to Solana Mobile , “while the Saga genesis token is only available on the original Saga devices, there was incredible appetite to reach users using this mechanism” and it is planning a similar experience for Chapter 2.

Ecosystem participants that have already stated their intention to reward Chapter 2 owners include the decentralized exchange Jupiter and the Web3 wallet Phantom. Meanwhile, Mad Lads and Magic Eden are also expected to distribute Solana-based NFTs to the new Saga devices.

Crypto Influencers Top Chapter 2 Referrals Leaderboard

Building on the success of the genesis token, the second generation of soulbound saga tokens is designed around a referral program that rewards the most successful Saga ambassadors with additional device tokens. 

By promoting the device to other potential users, Solana said that Saga owners will be able to “maximize your chance for ecosystem rewards and giveaways.” With the promise of one of these giveaways becoming the next BONK, crypto influencers have helped drive Chapter 2 preorders above 60,000.

According to the latest snapshot of Saga referrals, the YouTuber Paul Barron  currently tops the leaderboard, having generated 391 sales from his referral link. In second place, the Japanese crypto influencer Joe Takayama  has 290 contributed referrals.

The rest of the top 500 is mostly populated by less well-known social media personalities who have nonetheless helped generate hundreds of sales each.

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