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Binance CEO Brushes Off Key Personnel Losses: “Lowest Founding Team Turnover of Any Tech Startup”

Published September 8, 2023 4:02 PM
James Morales
Published September 8, 2023 4:02 PM
Key Takeaways
  • The recent departure of senior executives has reignited fears over Binance future.
  • CEO Changpeng Zhao has dismissed criticism as “FUD.”
  • He claims Binance has the “lowest founding team turnover of any tech startup.”
  • Between staff turnover, mounting legal pressure and persistent concerns over its PoR, critics refuse to be silenced.

After Binance’s Global Head of Product Mayur Kamat resigned on Monday, September 4, observers pointed out that the crypto exchange has lost some of its most senior executives in recent months. But now, CEO Chanpeng Zhao (CZ) has lashed out at “negative news/rumors” surrounding staff turnover at the company.

Is there any reason for Binance users to be concerned, or is CZ right to dismiss critics?

CZ Insists Customer Funds Are Safe Despite Criticism

In a tweet on Thursday, September 7, CZ called out what he perceives as fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

The Binance founder went on to reassure followers that the departure of senior executives is normal for technology companies. In fact, he claimed Binance has the “lowest founding team turnover of any tech startup of our size and age.”

In reference to fears that Binance could suffer from an FTX-style collapse, CZ insisted the platform has no liquidity issues, and that customer funds are “#SAFU, and 100% reserved.”

Binance Critics Fear The Worst

Although CZ’s tweet didn’t name specific critics, Binance has plenty of detractors.

For instance, following Kamat’s departure, Travis Kling, who founded the crypto asset management firm Ikigai, summarized Binance’s various troubles as a “slow trainwreck toward implosion.”

Echoing the concerns of some regulators, Kling cast doubt  on Binance’s proof-of-reserves, stating that “we know nothing about [Binance’s] customer deposit liabilities.”

Despite CZ’s frequent reassurances that Binance customer deposits are backed 100% by cryptocurrency reserves, the firm has been infamously secretive about the mechanics of its reserve policy.

For example, a Reuters investigation  last year called the company’s accounting practices a “black box.” 

However, in recent times, Binance has moved to increase transparency. In August, the firm released a proof-of-reserves report, reassuring customers that the platform holds sufficient assets to prevent the type of liquidity crunch that toppled FTX.

According to Arkham Intelligence, Binance currently holds cryptocurrencies worth over $64 billion and is the largest Bitcoin holder in the world. 

But, unfortunately for CZ and the crypto exchange he founded, Binance’s enormous wealth has done little to silence critics.

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