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New Orleans Saints Working Out Antonio Brown Is Risky but Genius

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:26 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:26 PM
  • Antonio Brown has been dying to get back in the NFL and seems to have his first legitimate chance to do so with the New Orleans Saints.
  • While signing Brown does give the Saints an incredible receiver to line up with Michael Thomas, it also means taking on all the risks that come with Brown.
  • But even if the Saints do sign him, Brown still might not end up playing this season.

It has finally happened. For weeks, there have been rumors about teams supposedly having an interest in signing free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown. But no one has seemed crazy enough to do it—or even act as if they might.

That is, until now. The news broke Friday morning that the New Orleans Saints had Antonio Brown in town for a workout .

Brown shared an image of the waiver the Saints had him sign on Instagram as his way of telling the world. Numerous NFL insiders have since confirmed that he is one of a handful of receivers the Saints are working out.

Are They Nuts?

Many fans began to imagine the damage Drew Brees could do with Michael Thomas and Antonio Brown to throw to. But many more were just as quick to wonder what in the world they were thinking. Don’t the Saints know what they are getting into with him?

Have they not seen one of his many Twitter meltdowns or heard about his issues in Pittsburgh? Did they miss all the reports about his adventure in Oakland or the disaster that was his time in New England? Aren’t they concerned about the accusations of sexual assault?

Are they not aware of the insanity that surrounds him? As quickly as he has turned on other people, what makes them think he will not turn on them?

The drama with AB is never-ending, whether in person or online. One of his latest tweets sent on Christmas Eve saw him take a shot at his Dad and in a roundabout way, UPS:

  Never a dull moment on Antonio Brown’s Twitter feed! | Twitter 

Is he a talented wide receiver? Absolutely. Is he toxic, volatile, and not worth the trouble that comes with him?

Most would say yes, but maybe the Saints disagree.

Signing Antonio Brown Would Be Genius

As far as we know, all the Saints are doing is their due diligence on Antonio Brown. That doesn’t mean they are going to sign him or that they plan on doing so for this season. They could be looking to next year or even the year after, depending on how long the expected suspension the NFL hands down is.

But if they were signing him with the intent of playing him sooner rather than later—the move is genius. Crazy as he may be, pairing him up with Michael Thomas will give Drew Brees easily the most dangerous duo of receivers in the league.

Defenses are already struggling to cover Thomas, but if they had to cover Brown as well? Someone is always going to end up being open. If it isn’t Thomas or Brown, it will be Alvin Kamara.

Just like that, one of the best offenses in recent NFL history could become unstoppable.

Now, having Brown on the roster, in the huddle, and in the locker room will mean having to manage and deal with the particular brand of crazy that Brown has cultivated. There is also the chance he could be put on the commissioner’s exempt list as soon as he is signed.

If he doesn’t go on the commissioner’s special list, and if his craziness can be contained/managed for a few weeks, he could help the Saints make it to the Super Bowl.