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MacKenzie Bezos Made a Divorce Settlement Choice That’s Earning Her Billions

Kiril Nikolaev
Last Updated September 25, 2020 8:41 PM
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  • As Jeff Bezos works hard to grow e-commerce giant Amazon, MacKenzie Bezos is quietly reaping the benefits.
  • During the divorce settlement last year, MacKenzie had to make a choice that would dictate her fortunes.
  • MacKenzie’s brilliant decision has made her the 17th richest person on the planet in this time of crisis.

It’s no secret that during this pandemic the rich are getting richer. The richest of them all, Jeff Bezos, is making big money as more people rely on Amazon to service their needs while stuck at home. With Amazon’s stock printing fresh all-time highs, the chief executive of the e-commerce giant grew his net worth by $24 billion .

Quietly in the background, Jeff’S ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos is also raking billions. Her shrewd choice last year during the couple’s divorce settlement is paying off big time.

MacKenzie Bezos Happily Gave Jeff Her Interests in Two Companies

Prior to the divorce settlement, MacKenzie had interests in daily newspaper The Washington Post, space exploration company Blue Origin, and of course tech titan Amazon. MacKenzie was “happy” to give Jeff her stake in The Washington Post and Blue Origin. In return, she received 25% of the couple’s shares in Amazon (AMZN).

MacKenzie Bezos wanted Amazon shares
MacKenzie Bezos wanted Amazon shares. | Source: Twitter 

MacKenzie’s decision set the stage for her ownership of 19.7 million Amazon shares. At the time of the transfer, MacKenzie Bezos was worth $38.3 billion, which was good enough to land the 22nd spot on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index .

A lot has changed since, and MacKenzie’s clever choice is paying huge dividends.

Jeff’s Ex-Wife Has Overtaken Jack Ma on Global Rich List

MacKenzie Bezos is now the 17th richest person on the planet. Amazon’s tremendous gains over the last few weeks have allowed her to exceed the net worth of some of the world’s biggest tycoons. As AMZN climbed to an all-time high of $2,461, MacKenzie’s net worth surged to $47.7 billion.

Bloomberg reports that MacKenzie’s total net worth grew by $10.6 billion year-to-date . She surpassed Chinese business magnate and Tencent CEO Pony Ma, Indian oil mogul Mukesh Ambani and former Alibaba chairman Jack Ma.

MacKenzie Bezos is climbing the ladder of the richest people in the planet
MacKenzie Bezos is climbing the ladder of world’s richest people. | Source: Bloomberg 

MacKenzie Bezos’s fortunes would have changed if she chose to diversify and retained stakes in The Washington Post and Blue Origin. But she most likely knew which of Jeff’s companies would make the most money. She went all-in on Amazon and now her calculated gamble is paying off to the tune of billions of dollars.

The rich seem to be getting a lot richer during the coronavirus pandemic.

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