How Spellbreak, the Next Big Battle Royale, Can Continue Its Rise

Harry Potter, who? Magic is in right now, and it's thanks to the next big battle royale game, Spellbreak. But can it hold a player base?

Spellbreak has gamers entranced. | Source: Spellbreak

  • A magic-based battle royale is on the rise, having hit 5 million players just days after launch.
  • Big streamers like DrLupo are getting involved.
  • But can Spellbreak keep consistent growth?

Harry Potter, who? Magic is dominating right now, and that’s partly due to the next big battle royale game, Spellbreak.

Magic is the Answer in Spellbreak

A just-released free-to-play game that allows you to build your own battlemage appeals to many, as the game broke 5 million players. This isn’t Apex Legends’ top-tier numbers, but the game doesn’t have EA’s marketing budget behind it either.

For indie developer Proletariat, this is an achievement to be proud of.

But the stat that marketed the game most is the 4 million hours watched on Twitch. This should come as no surprise to gamers in the know, as top streamers like DrLupo have been blasting spells for a while now.

As of this writing, Spellbreak is currently beating Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Warframe – two massively popular games with dedicating followings – on Twitch rankings. That’s no small feat.

Keeping Players Locked In

Of course, Proletariat needs to follow this up with consistent content updates to keep players interest. While a magic-based twist is undoubtedly enough to draw some eyes, new content is the way to lock players in. No one is expecting Fortnite-level updates, but monthly ones should be the minimum, here. Next-gen support is a must, as well.

The game is also hot with prominent YouTubers for now. A quick search sees videos pulling close to 200K views on average. It doesn’t hurt that the game has cross-platform progression – something Apex Legends and others don’t have. Not yet, at least.

Fortnite-esque, but with its own twists. | Source: Spellbreak

Without any big names behind the development, the game is already more successful than Cliff Bleszinski’s Radical Heights or Lawbreakers. But will it reach the levels of Among Us or Fall Guys? We’ll have to wait and see.

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