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Grand Theft Auto 6 Details Leak – But Should You Believe Them?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:53 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:53 PM
  • More leaks have come out surrounding GTA 6.
  • The rumors claim some pretty interesting things, such as backgrounds for several main characters.
  • While some of these predictions are in-line with other leaks, there are some factors that make them harder to believe.

There have been some really interesting GTA 6 leaks lately. Some insiders have come out to tell everyone that the game is further along in development than we thought. Now it seems like there are some more leaks about just exactly what GTA IV contains.  

The rumors were anonymously reported via 4Chan, but collated by a user over on Reddit. They filled out everything from character details, to map size and features. It might the most complete picture of the game yet.

And yet, it’s not 100% believable.

GTA IV Rumors Reddit
Though the leaks seem mostly reasonable, there are a few signs that something about them isn’t trustworthy. | Source: Reddit 

Some of the Detail Just Don’t Feel Right

The leaker claims to be a friend of one of the workers who were disgruntled at rockstar during last year. So the information isn’t completely up-to-date and is also at least second-hand if it’s true at all.

Having said that, most of the suggested leaks do seem at least a little in-line with the series. GTA 6 being in Florida and featuring Vice City makes sense. The series has revisited locations from the PS2 era numerous times.

Other details don’t quite match. I wouldn’t necessarily put it past Rockstar to include a peeing minigame. The detail about it being controlled by motion controllers just comes across as a little far fetched, to be honest.

GTA 6 Could Have Changed

There were also some other factors that are at odds with previous GTA 6 leaks. Suggesting there’s going to be 4 main characters flies in the face of a previous rumor which mentioned only 2 . But, it is possible that things have changed.

These current leaks are old and not from a primary source. Someone trying to remember something they heard from a friend 6 or 7 months ago is liable to make mistakes or forget things. It’s possible that there is at least some grain of truth to this information.

Obviously, we don’t know any of this for sure until Rockstar comes out and says it. Until then, GTA 6 remains almost a complete mystery to us. Except that it’s going to feature crime and specifically vehicular homicides.

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