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Latest GTA 6 Insider Leak Claims Game is Already Two-Thirds Complete

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:50 PM
  • Gaming outlet Kotaku published a report earlier this week on the cultural shift at GTA developer, Rockstar Games.
  • The report claims that GTA 6 is still ‘early in development.’
  • New insider information suggests the game may be up to two-thirds complete.

While we languish at the news that Grand Theft Auto 6 may only be ‘early in development,’ an entirely more encouraging prognosis has surfaced. A known insider claims that the development of GTA 6 is near enough two-thirds complete.

Rockstar’s Cultural Shift

Earlier this week, gaming outlet Kotaku published a report detailing steps taken internally at developer Rockstar Games to remedy the long-standing culture of crunch .

A cultural shift over the last 18 months has spawned seismic changes. These have seen Rockstar Games oust ‘bad eggs’ within management structure, and introduce quality-of-life improvements for staff such as flexible schedules to combat crunch.

The way Rockstar makes games is also changing: more planning and a throttling back of the developer’s ambitious scope to mitigate crunch.

Nestled within the report was some bombshell news about GTA 6: Rockstar’s next project was very much still in the early development phase.

Although unverified GTA 6 rumors seemingly surface weekly, this is the firmest indication yet of the state of development, backed by the reputable investigative chops of Jason Schreier.

For better or for worse, this became the prevalent takeaway from Kotaku’s Rockstar Games report. Bewilderment – and possibly a hint of denial – fueled much of the subsequent discussion: many questioned the accuracy of the Kotaku piece.

Among them was the known GTA insider, Tez2. They took to Twitter :

Next title, a new GTA title is in “early stages of development”? It’s hard to believe that when I’m hearing it’s “halfway done” or even beyond that.

GTA 6 60-70% Finished

‘Halfway done’ is wholly more palatable than the years of waiting implied by ‘early in development.’

Now, Tez2 has provided additional clarification after jumping into a GTAForums thread discussing the GTA 6 news. Writing under the forum moniker Fun 2, Tez2 says :

Him [Jason Schreier] saying the next title is still in early stages of development is most likely a mistake, I’m positive it already passed early stages of development, there’s no way it’s still stuck on that stage. It’s 60% to 70% done from what I have heard.

Source: GTAForums

Naturally, neither Schreier or Tez2 have divulged their sources – nor should they – to safeguard anonymity and, by extension, employment.

The result: fans ponder who to believe. What’s clear is the unfounded nature of rumors that Rockstar Games is about to release imminent news about its beloved GTA franchise.