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GameStop Management Needs to Be Prosecuted for Trying to Profit from Coronavirus

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
  • GameStop has been heavily criticized for remaining open during the coronavirus crisis.
  • They’re now claiming that they’re ‘essential retail,’ and telling staff to prevent law enforcement from shutting down stores.
  • This sort of behavior is absolutely monstrous and should result in company leadership facing prosecution.

The other day we talked about how GameStop was exploiting the Covid-19 crisis. They’ve been using the pandemic to try and make money because they’re a failing business. Even after all of that has come out, it seems like GameStop is determined to keep it up.

Not only are they still keeping all of their stores open, but they’re now claiming to be “essential retail.” All of this, just so that they can continue to rake in the cash.

At this point, the management in charge of these decisions needs to be prosecuted for their actions.

GameStop - Tweet
GameStop tweeted about the measures they’re taking despite literally fighting against local law enforcement to stay open. | Source: Twitter 

GameStop Acting Monstrously in a Time of Crisis

The rapidly evolving coronavirus crisis has bought out the best in a lot of people. From small business owners to teenagers, people are pulling together to help the elderly and vulnerable.

Not GameStop though. They’re doubling down on the kind of behavior that Dick Dastardly would balk at.

Seriously, is it their aim to become the villain of this whole crisis situation? It is becoming clearer by the day that any business that needs to act this way to survive should just give up the ghost. GameStop is so outdated they need to exploit an international crisis just to survive.

Not even Reggie can save their public image at this point (although, to be clear, he’s not responsible for this situation).

He will not be taking his position at the head of the company until April 20. Maybe when he finally takes the reigns he can ensure GameStop doesn’t devolve into a Disney villain.

When You’re Being Shouted at Be Everyone, You Know You’re the Bad Guy

At this point, GameStop should seriously consider giving it up. People on Twitter are not happy about what they’re doing. Clearly, local law enforcement isn’t happy either. GameStop is telling store managers to let law enforcement contact head office if they try to shut them down .

The important thing to take away from all this is that GameStop doesn’t care about you. You’re a dollar sign. If you or someone you love gets the virus and dies, they won’t care. Your life is literally worth nothing to them when compared to how much money they can make from this pandemic.

The only way to stop GameStop is to force a shutdown of all its stores. I mean, heck, the California governor forced people to stay home. Since GameStop can’t make money from stores no one is allowed to go to, they’ve now shuttered their California operations. Maybe a similar approach is needed in other areas to stop the company’s pandemic cash grab.

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