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How To Short Bitcoin In 2024: Step-By-Step Guide

Last Updated May 6, 2024 3:25 PM
Andrew Kamsky
Last Updated May 6, 2024 3:25 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Shorting Bitcoin involves using borrowed assets to profit from price declines.
  • Effective short selling of Bitcoin requires careful platform selection and strategy formulation.
  • Market timing is extremely important while shorting Bitcoin, especially around events like Bitcoin halvings.
  • Understanding risks, such as potential unlimited losses and market volatility, is necessary before shorting Bitcoin.

To “short” Bitcoin, or any other asset, means to bet on the price of Bitcoin going down. This may be done by selling Bitcoin that an individual might not directly own, with the expectation of buying it back at a lower price in the future.

Can You Short Bitcoin?

An individual can short Bitcoin by borrowing BTC, typically from an exchange or broker-dealer, to repurchase it at a lower price to make a profit if the value of the BTC decreases. This borrowed BTC is then sold to buyers at the current market rate. 

When Do You Short Bitcoin? 

The simple answer is never; however, an experienced trader can refer to Bitcoin’s past for more information.

The historical performance of Bitcoin suggests that the period immediately following a halving event is typically not ideal for shorting, as the price generally experiences an increase. The chart below illustrates the price performance and potential forecasted move of Bitcoin over the next 500 days.

Analysis shows that, on average, approximately 500 days post-halving, Bitcoin’s price begins to show corrective behavior for around 365 days. 

This phase of correction presents a potentially more opportune time for investors to consider short selling Bitcoin. The pattern observed indicates that the post-correction period is when the price of Bitcoin is more likely to decline, offering strategic points for shorting based on historical trends.

Ways To Short Sell Bitcoin In 2024

Short selling Bitcoin involves a variety of techniques to profit from a decrease in its price. Here are nine effective methods to consider:

Margin Trading

When working with cryptocurrency, margin trading is a straightforward way to short Bitcoin. Platforms like Kraken and Binance allow traders to borrow funds to sell Bitcoin short, leveraging a position to potentially amplify returns. 

Futures Market

The futures market provides a way to short Bitcoin. Traders can sell futures contracts with the expectation that the price will drop before the contract expires. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and other platforms such as Kraken and BitMEX offer such shorting opportunities.

Binary Options Trading

This method enables traders to use call and put options to take positions on Bitcoin’s future price movements. By purchasing a put option, a trader can set a future sell price, limiting potential losses to the price paid for the option. Deribit and OKEx are popular platforms for Bitcoin options trading.

Prediction Markets

These markets allow traders to bet on specific outcomes related to Bitcoin’s price. By predicting a decline in Bitcoin’s value and finding someone to take the opposite side of the bet, traders can earn profits if the prediction is accurate. GnosisDAO and Polymarket are notable venues for such activities.

Short-Selling Bitcoin Assets

Directly selling borrowed Bitcoin tokens at current prices with the aim to repurchase them at a lower cost is another strategy. However, this approach comes with the high costs of custody fees and the risks of adverse price movements.

Using Bitcoin CFDs

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) offer traders a way to speculate on Bitcoin’s price movements without holding the actual cryptocurrency. Profits or losses are realized based on the price difference from when the contract is opened to when it is closed.

Inverse Exchange-Traded Products

These financial instruments are designed to increase in value as Bitcoin’s price declines. ProShares’ Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF and the 21Shares Short Bitcoin ETP are examples of products that facilitate short selling through a traditional brokerage account.

Dedicated Short Funds

Some investment funds specialize in shorting cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. These funds use a variety of strategies to capitalize on cryptocurrency market downturns.

Perpetual Futures Contracts

Platforms like BitMEX offer perpetual futures contracts, which are futures without an expiry date, allowing traders to hold positions for as long as needed without the concern of rolling over into a new contract.

How To Short Sell Bitcoin Via Crypto Exchanges

The process begins by identifying a trading platform that allows for the borrowing of Bitcoin. The individual must set up a margin account which provides the leverage needed for short selling. 

Following the setup, Bitcoin is borrowed from the platform and sold at the spot market price. If the price drops, the Bitcoin can then be repurchased at a lower price, returned to the lender, and the difference in price is kept as profit, minus any fees or interest.

Top Exchanges To Short Bitcoin

Individuals looking to short Bitcoin must find exchanges that specifically offer margin trading with the capability to short Bitcoin.

Several platforms have emerged as reliable points of exchange for short selling Bitcoin. Here are five notable ones:

  • BitMEX: Known for offering high leverage, up to 100x, making it a favored choice for experienced traders looking to short Bitcoin.
  • Kraken: Provides margin trading options up to 5x leverage and is known for its comprehensive security measures.
  • Binance: Offers futures and margin trading, allowing individuals to short Bitcoin with leverage up to 125x.
  • Bybit: Similar to BitMEX, it provides options for high leverage and futures contracts tailored for short selling.

Each platform comes with its own set of features, fee structures, and leverage options, so individuals should carefully consider which exchange aligns best with their trading strategy and risk tolerance.

What Is The Best Exchange To Short Bitcoin?

Selecting the “best” exchange depends largely on the trader’s specific needs, including desired leverage, fee preference, and geographical restrictions. 

Experienced traders often gravitate towards BitMEX or Binance due to their high leverage options and robust trading environments. However, those new to short selling might prefer Kraken for its user-friendly interface and lower leverage options, which potentially reduce risk.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shorting Bitcoin

Short selling Bitcoin is extremely risky and requires a certain expertise in markets before exploring. 

The primary risk involves the potential for unlimited losses, as the price of Bitcoin could theoretically rise indefinitely. This volatility requires close monitoring of market movements and the use of risk management tools like stop-loss orders. 

Additionally, the costs associated with borrowing Bitcoin and trading fees can also impact overall profitability.

Shorting Bitcoin Vs. Short-Term Trading

Shorting Bitcoin involves betting on the decline in its price, typically done through derivatives like futures or options, allowing investors to sell Bitcoin at today’s price and buy it later at a lower price, profiting from the price differential. This kind of strategy is risky because it involves a speculation on a drop in value of BTC and unlimited losses if the price of Bitcoin rises instead. 

Short-term trading Bitcoin refers to buying and selling Bitcoin over a shorter duration, often within the same day or week, to take advantage of price volatility. Short-term traders leverage market movements to make quick profits, using tools like technical analysis to make buying and selling decisions. Short-term trading profits from both rising and falling markets, depending on the position taken at any given time.

Shorting Bitcoin Short-Term Trading
Objective Profit from decline Exploit fluctuations
Time Horizon Medium to long-term Short-term
Strategy Complex, market dynamics Quick decisions, technical analysis
Risk Unlimited potential loss Managed volatility
Market Impact Influence sentiment Short-term fluctuations
Regulations Subject to short selling rules Compliance required
Capital Significant investment Lower initial requirement
Psychology Requires discipline Demands adaptability
Taxes Capital gains tax Short-term capital gains tax

Should An Individual Short Bitcoin?

The decision to short Bitcoin should be made with extreme caution and consideration of market conditions, individual financial stability, and risk tolerance. 

Given Bitcoin’s historical price volatility and the complexities associated with short selling, it is advisable for individuals to gather a thorough understanding of both the cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin as an asset, along with a tried and tested trading strategy before engaging in short sales.

Using Bitcoin Volatility To Your Trading Advantage

Bitcoin’s volatility presents opportunities for traders who can predict price movements. Using technical analysis, traders can spot price points and trends to make strategic decisions and can make profitable short trades in the process. 

To effectively capitalize on Bitcoin’s price fluctuations, a deep understanding of market indicators and risk management is essential. Traders can profit by short selling at perceived highs and exciting positions before sentiment changes. This approach demands quick decision-making and a thorough grasp of market dynamics.


While short selling Bitcoin can be profitable under the right circumstances and in the right moments, it demands careful strategy, thorough research, and an understanding of the risks involved. Selecting the right platform is required, and continuous learning and vigilance are important to understand the volatility of cryptocurrency markets.


What are the tax implications of short selling Bitcoin? 

Short selling Bitcoin can trigger capital gains taxes, which vary by country, jurisdiction and individual tax status.

How does short interest impact Bitcoin’s price?

High short interest can lead to a short squeeze, potentially driving up Bitcoin’s price temporarily.

Can I short Bitcoin anonymously?

Anonymity varies by platform, with decentralized exchanges offering more privacy but fewer short-selling options.

What are alternative assets to Bitcoin for short selling?

Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are also popular for short selling strategies.

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