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EA Subscription Adopts Xbox Model. What Does This Mean for Next-Gen?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:24 PM
Max Moeller
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:24 PM
  • Electronic Arts is mimicking Xbox’s best move.
  • Subscription services are growing in popularity.
  • How much will they play into next-gen gaming?

Electronic Arts is renaming its subscription services, EA Access and Origin Access, to the EA Play branding. Origin Access Premier will be called EA Play Pro.

Fortunately for subscribers, features are staying more or less the same. The unanimous name change is for streamlining’s sake. If anything, the company is offering more features like challenges and monthly drops to entice additional players.

Sounds pretty similar to Xbox’s recent Game Pass change, no?

First Xbox, Then EA. Who’s Next?

EA’s overhaul is based entirely on Microsoft dropping the “Xbox” in Game Pass.

Both Game Pass and Game Pass for PC have monthly challenges, discounts, and games themselves. They also offer in-game bonuses like extra currency and skins for MMOs and even free months to Spotify or Postmates.

EA copying Game Pass Perks
Game Pass perks go beyond gaming. Will EA offer the same? | Source: Xbox App

Day one releases for games like Star Wars Squadrons and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order mimick the “launch on Game Pass” model as well.

With Game Pass being Xbox’s main entry point for next-gen onward, just how far will EA go to copy this model? Will they partner with other brands or stick to their franchises?

halo infinite
Halo Infinite might be delayed, but it will still launch Day One on Game Pass. | Source: Steam 

On that note, other gaming companies might follow this lead. Maybe we’ll see Ubisoft launch Far Cry 6 on its monthly subscription platform, UPLAY+.

Providing Value to the Player

Gamers are certainly wary of microtransactions and similar money-grubbing profit methods. Subscription models offer alternative funding routes that genuinely benefit the player. $15 a month for games and perks is much more appealing than $10 for a weapon skin.

With EA catering more to the player, they might be the business to copy as we move into next-gen.

Video: More Insight on Subscription Services

Of course, these companies must strike a balance. Subscriptions might be cheap now, but who knows how high prices rise as game production becomes more expensive? Next-gen already sees the jump to $70 video games. Subscription models, Game Pass included, are sure to follow.

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