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EA Finally Does the Right Thing, but Gamers Aren’t Buying It

EA takes a stance as protests sweep across the US by cancelling today's scheduled Madden NFL 21 reveal, but football fans aren't happy.

  • EA is postponing the Madden NFL 21 reveal initially scheduled for today.
  • EA notes the ongoing protests across the US as the reason behind the decision, noting that current events are ‘bigger than a game.’
  • Fans have reacted with a mixture of understanding, disappointment, and disdain as many call out the hypocrisy of EA’s stance.

EA (Electronic Arts) has announced the cancellation of a first-look reveal at the upcoming Madden NFL 21 scheduled to take place today.

Fans widely expected EA event to showcase gameplay as well as reveal the cover art for this year’s edition of the popular sports franchise and possibly a release date.

EA Takes A Stance

In a statement published on Twitter, the publisher explains:

Tomorrow, we had committed to celebrating Madden NFL 21 with you, but we’re not going to do that now. We stand with our African American / Black community of friends, players, colleagues and partners. Our immediate attention is on actions we can take to drive change against the unjust treatment and systemic bias that is plaguing the nation and our world. We’ll find another time to talk football with you. Because this is bigger than a game, bigger than sports, and needs all of us to stand together and commit to change.

EA opts to postpone its big Madden NFL 21 reveal. Source: Twitter

For a publisher with a checkered past of predatory monetization, thinly-reskinned annual sports franchises, scrubbing mentions of Colin Kaepernick from Madden NFL 19, and anti-consumer practices, the stance is a welcome one.

EA follows Sony, Bethesda, Riot Games Activision Blizzard, Xbox, and others within the gaming industry to voice their support for the protests sweeping the US and wider afield in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Football Fans React

Yet, as EA finally does the right thing, a portion of the Madden NFL’s fan base isn’t happy, seemingly more concerned with a video game than the seismic events gripping the US.

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While others welcomed EA’s position, others noted a certain amount of hypocrisy.

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And, of course, a few jumped in to capitalize on the situation to throw shade on EA.

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EA seemingly can’t get anything right.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:59 PM

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