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Cam Newton Still Hasn’t Bought Into the ‘Patriot Way’

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:30 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:30 PM
  • When Cam Newton became a free agent, everyone assumed he would eventually land with the New England Patriots—as he did.
  • The primary concern, though, was how well the flamboyant quarterback would mesh with Bill Belichick and the Patriot Way.
  • Throughout camp, it seemed like he was going to mesh just fine. But his actions after Sunday’s game show he’s not quite there yet.

When the Patriots acquired Cam Newton, there was some concern over whether he could fall in line with how Bill Belichick and the Patriots operate. Former teammates and at least one coach stated they didn’t think the marriage wouldn’t work.

However, as the offseason progressed into the season, it was looking like Newton was shedding the diva image. In interviews, Newton only said what needed to be said. He was putting in the work. Belichick didn’t try to force him into being something he wasn’t. When Cam Newton wanted to dance around at practice, he let it happen.


So, it seemed like Newton was bending to the ‘Patriot Way,’ and Belichick was bending a little, too. When they beat the Miami Dolphins Sunday, it looked like the Patriots, Cam Newton, and the ‘Patriot Way’ were a match made in gridiron heaven.

Then after the game, the old Cam Newton came out.

Cam Newton, Jewelry, And The Miami Dolphins—Post Game

The excitement didn’t end when the final. Following the conclusion of the game, Newton got into a little scuffle with a few of the Dolphins players:

From that video, it doesn’t look like Newton started it, but he certainly kept it going. Now fans will likely come to his defense and point out they tried to snatch his chain, which you can see a little better here:

His teammates did the right thing by pulling him away, and he should have let it go at that. But instead, Newton decided to keep it going during post-game interviews and on social media:

The Patriot Way

Depending on how you define it, Cam Newton may or may not have bought into the Patriot Way. Former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk defined the Patriot Way  as being all about winning.

In that sense, Newton has done it. But through the years, it has grown to include other things, like how you win and how you hold yourself. Bill Belichick preaches accountability, doing your job, and professionalism.

Do not make anything about any one individual. It’s always about the team and winning.

That does not include getting into scuffles with players after the game over a late shove or having a fit when someone tries to grab your jewelry. If Newton is concerned about his chains, why was he wearing them during a football game?

To be fair to Newton, most of us would strike back if we were in the same position. But he just led the team to a win. He’s a professional football player and the captain of the team. He did everything right up to that point.

Why do something that takes away from the victory and the overall success of the team? Also, why do anything that may aggravate a possible injury? Newton could be seen grabbing his hamstring  after the scuffle and several times during the game. Everything seemed okay at practice, but why take that risk?

The Patriot Way involves being a professional at all times. It involves putting the team above yourself. So far, Cam Newton has shown he can talk the talk. But it looks like he has a ways to go to prove he can walk the walk.

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