Crowd Favorite Civilization VI ‘Red Death’ Hops on Fortnite’s Battle Royale Train

Civilization VI, Fortnite, battle Royale

Battle Royale games have exploded in popularity since H1Z1 launched in 2017. The game sold over one million copies while in early access. Household names such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, though, have outshone the Steam-based game. Viewer counts for H1Z1 plummetted, resulting in a broke-ass league and player-oriented payment issues. Sid Meyer’s Civilization 6 … Read more

Binance IEO Coins S*!t The Bed, Market Cap Isn’t Startup Success

Binance, Binance IEO, Startups

The peanut gallery went wild, taking every opportunity to eat projects alive as their market caps slid into the red throughout 2018. This consistent downtrend in sentiment led to even greater bleeding. Now IEOs from Binance Launchpad seem to be experiencing a similar downtrend. The graphs seem to mirror charts from numerous ICOs from the … Read more

Swiss Regulator Grants First-Ever Banking Licenses to 2 Blockchain Firms


By Blockchain projects around the world have been seeking approval, or for that matter, concrete guidance, from regulators such as FINMA for the last several years. FINMA, the Swiss financial regulatory watchdog, has approved two requests for banking licenses. The two licenses were issued to blockchain businesses. These regulatory strides are not likely to … Read more

Minecraft Mod Makes Bees Rideable and Nothing is Sacred Anymore


By Modders hold nothing sacred. Just days after Minecraft bees released, they are already rideable. SethBling, a well-known YouTuber and modder has developed a datapack for the 1.16 update which allows users to craft saddles for their bees. Players can also access a reskinned poppy, which the bees are programmed to follow in vanilla … Read more

Did Ubisoft Jump the Shark? Ghost Recon Breakpoint Channels Battle Royale Scum Fortnite

Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ubisoft, Fortnite

By An ethereal Wall of Death, Guns, and Adrenaline—sounds like Fortnite, right? This time, you are wrong. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has adopted “The Wall” in 4v4 Player combat. In other games, it has made sense. Apex Legends and Fortnite use shielding tech, there may be something in the universe which makes sense for The … Read more

As a Horror game, Blair Witch Looks as Scary As a Good Night’s Sleep

Blair Witch

By Horror is a genre divided by hardcore enthusiasts and generalists. When one side is pleased, the other is thoroughly dissatisfied. Blair Witch looks poised to prove that accurate by mashing all of the viral horror game trends of the last several years into one heap of not-scary. Mental deterioration a-la Amnesia looks like … Read more

Pathetic Xbox Game Pass Library Squeezes Into a Single Hard Drive


By Microsoft is seeking to explore their avenues for monetizing older titles, ranging from Xbox One all the way back to their first and second-gen consoles. Players have been exposed to thousands of titles, but the Xbox Game Pass Service only holds around 300 titles as of this writing. Western Digital has collaborated with … Read more

Australia Punishes Gamers With Prudish Ideals in Rockstar ‘Bonaire’ Ban

Rockstar, Bonaire

By Rockstar Games, the studio which published such smash hits as Grand Theft Auto V and the Red Dead Redemption series has seen yet another title banned in Australia—’Bonaire’, an unknown RockStar Games project has been struck by the AUS banhammer. The only other title to receive an initial ban was Manhunt. While game … Read more