ARK Token Announces Partnership with OKEx to List New Tokens on the Platform

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There are over 900 cryptocurrencies in the market right now but as expected, not many of these coins are well recognized and tradable since they aren’t registered for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The registered tokens have additional value because they can easily be traded with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, driving value and awareness, and ultimately adoption.

Once a new coin registers with an exchange platform, its’ demand increases as investors and traders speculate with the new currency. ARK, an ambitious project providing all-in-one blockchain solutions has just announced a deal with OKEx that will allow their ARK tokens to be traded in their well-known ecosystem.

OKEx is a recognizable exchange that offers 40 coin trading pairs and 5 futures pairs. One can read in the news that the futures exchange may likely cross the current trading capacity and capitalization of coin trading itself in the future. It also protects users from too much volatility in an asset and bitcoin being extremely volatile means that its futures are the next big thing. OKEx’s bitcoin futures are considered top-notch in the business and daily trade volume in the futures exchange alone averages $1.5 billion.

A majority of the investors in the ARK token are from China (almost 60%) and it offers its’ services in more than 100 countries. So, an association with such a big name in the exchange business is expected to give a much-needed boost to ARK coin’s demand.

What is the ARK Platform?

ARK itself is a bold blockchain-based startup that aims to offer a one-stop shop solution to everything crypto. Users can use the existing capabilities of the ARK platform to their advantage instead of deploying a new blockchain and starting everything from scratch. It is intended to be a secure, decentralized platform suitable for mass adoption. ARK is highly flexible, adaptable and scalable as well. Everyone who wants to benefit from the crypto revolution can use ARK to their advantage.

Services offered by ARK include a universal wallet for all operating systems on desktops (a mobile version is on the way) and cold storage-based ledger Nano S support, open-source code, ARKVRM (ARK virtual machine), alternative development and implementation for all coding languages, push-button deployable blockchains, and TestNet for startups.

2-Stage ARK Giveaway

To celebrate this acceptance of their coin on a major platform, ARK is offering users the chance to participate in a free airdrop campaign of over 75,000 ARK tokens. Users just need to follow these steps to become a part of the initial phase:

  1. Become OKEx users and follow the platform across social media
  2. All followers who executed a simple response action (like, favorite) will be given a special code.
  3. They can use this code to join free lucky draw for the airdrop of ARK tokens. Up to 10,000 free ARK tokens will be available in this initial phase.

For the next stage, once 10 million token trading volume of ARK has been achieved on the OKEx platform, all traders will be eligible for the remaining 65,000 ARK tokens lucky draw irrespective of the amount traded on the system. OKEx opened ARK wallets on December 20, 2017.

Visit the ARK Website:

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