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Antonio Brown Utters Pathetic Plea as NFL Career Flashes Before His Eyes

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:07 PM
Francois Aure
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:07 PM

In a clear sign of reality setting in, former NFL superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown begged his dwindling number of fans to encourage the New England Patriots to re-sign him.

Brown’s once-inevitable journey  to the Hall of Fame appears to have come to an abrupt conclusion, and sadly, only now is he realizing his football career is flashing before his eyes.

Antonio Brown’s Reputation Is Too Far Gone for NFL Return

There has never been any question about Antonio Brown’s generational abilities as a football player. His potential to be an all-time great was evident to anyone who could read a stat sheet . Unfortunately, snowballing legal issues and allegations of bizarre and improper behavior have stricken his legacy.

Brown’s return to the NFL was always going to be difficult. No team will touch him until the league completes its investigation, with which he has refused to comply. As he now attempts to sue both the Patriots and Oakland Raiders , even the most desperate of teams might not want to take a gamble on AB.

antonio brown
Antonio Brown’s NFL career is over, and he’s finally beginning to realize that truth. | Source: Michael Reaves / Getty Images / AFP

This latest video demonstrates that this reality might be finally penetrating the ego that has so far proven impermeable to even the most basic humility that could have saved his career.

Two counts of sexual assault allegations are a high bar to overcome for any player. For Antonio Brown, these allegations hit at a time when the entire NFL community was already berating him for strange behavior that appeared to be specifically targeted at getting the Raiders to release him.

Indiscretions at a deposition over his smashing up a condo  added yet another layer to a deteriorating public perception that made his chances of playing his way into Canton  even smaller.

Patriots Would Never Risk Brown Circus Derailing Their Season

What are Brown’s chances of rejoining the Patriots? Practically zero. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have dealt with their fair share of controversy , and they know that AB’s presence would derail some momentum from their incredibly solid start to the 2019 NFL season.

Additionally, New England’s owner, Robert Kraft, certainly doesn’t need the hassle.

Future NFL stars and their friends and families should be taking notes from Brown on how not to handle controversy. All it would have taken was a strong presence around the longtime Pittsburgh Steelers star to shut him down on social media and, at the very least, keep him out of the headlines.

Maybe Antonio Brown’s self-destructive capabilities are too strong, or perhaps he’s surrounded by yes-men. Either way, it will be easier for him to squeeze through the eye of a needle than return to the New England Patriots in this lifetime.