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Kujira Price Skyrockets by Triple Digits — New All-Time High Ahead for KUJI?

Last Updated November 10, 2023 1:09 PM
Nikola Lazic
Last Updated November 10, 2023 1:09 PM

Key Takeaways

  • KUJI’s price soared, approaching its historical peak.
  • Bitcoin integration boosts Cosmos network and Kujira’s value.
  • KUJI’s uptrend is strong but a correction may lie ahead.

In a remarkable turn of events in decentralized finance, Kujira, a prominent player in the ecosystem, has witnessed its price surge by triple digits, igniting widespread speculation about the potential of achieving a new all-time high for its native token, KUJI.

This surge in Kujira’s market value follows significant developments within the Cosmos network, particularly the integration of Bitcoin through the inter-blockchain communications protocol, a collaborative effort involving Osmosis, Nomic, and Kujira.

Starting from October, when the price was trading at $0.62, it has increased by a staggering 690%, reaching today’s high of nearly $5. The question remains: can this parabolic rise be sustained, or is a price correction on the horizon?

KUJI Fundamentals

A notable surge in Kujira’s market value aligns with significant progress in the Cosmos network, most notably the integration of Bitcoin through the inter-blockchain communications protocol. This collaborative effort, involving Osmosis, Nomic, and Kujira, unveiled its potential at the Cosmoverse 2023 Conference.

This integration signifies a pivotal moment in the ecosystem as it facilitates the frictionless transfer of Bitcoin to the Cosmos network via the Nomic bridge  on Osmosis, accompanied by a nominal 1.5% transaction fee.

This procedure converts Bitcoin into Nomic Bitcoin (nBTC), a token seamlessly integrated with the IBC, resulting in improved liquidity and broadening trading opportunities within the Cosmos network. The Kujira ecosystem is further enriched by the capability to utilize nBTC as collateral for its native stablecoin, USK, as well as various lending and borrowing functions.


The cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits the forthcoming nBTC Interchain Upgrade, scheduled for activation in late October. This upgrade, combined with the capability for self-custody of nBTC using Kujira’s Sonar wallet, establishes a comprehensive and secure framework for user engagement within the ecosystem.

KUJI Price Prediction 

Since its market debut, KUJI’s price journey has been characterized by modest fluctuations. It initially surged to $2 on August 17, 2022, followed by an extended consolidation period. By December of the same year, the price had dipped to $0.38. Although it managed to recover to a slightly higher level, it later retraced to this point on March 10, 2023, testing its resilience.

Consolidation expected
KUJI ended its wave 3

KUJI firmly established support at this juncture and embarked on an upward trajectory, reaching a new high of $1.45 on June 2, surpassing its previous peak of $0.92 in February. Subsequently, a new upward trend set a higher low at $0.61 in September before rallying once more, initially encountering and breaking through the descending resistance.

Our analysis indicates that the March low marked the initiation of a new bullish phase for KUJI. By September, the first two sub-waves of this phase had taken shape. The current upward momentum, identified as wave 3 within a five-wave impulse, has either reached or is approaching its zenith. To support this assessment is the wave structure and the 4-hour Relative Strength Index (RSI), which signals an overbought condition at 93%.

We anticipate a corrective move, representing wave 4 in our primary analysis. If the price consolidates in a triangular pattern, it may pave the way for another upsurge, possibly nearing the $10 mark. However, in the event of a more impulsive downward movement, a deeper correction may ensue, potentially pushing KUJI’s price to approximately $1 at its lowest point.


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