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Solana Price In 32% Downtrend Since May — Will It Hold Above $120?

Last Updated June 18, 2024 4:11 PM
Nikola Lazic
Last Updated June 18, 2024 4:11 PM

Key Takeaways

  • SOL rebounded to $190, then declined below critical support.
  • Current price trends suggest extended potential decline.
  • The future outlook hinges on $120 support interaction.

The price of Solana reached a high of $190 on May 21, 10% lower than its yearly high of $210. Since then, it has declined, losing over 30% of its value, and is now being traded at $134. SOL could continue its uptrend until $160, but as it fell through the support level, it is now eyeing its previous slightly above $120. 

Was this decline part of a corrective phase, or is it part of a larger downtrend that resulted in a breakout below $120?

SOL Price Analysis 

On March 18, SOL‘s price reached a high of $210, but by May 1, it had dropped to $120—a 43% decrease. However, it rebounded to nearly $190 by May 21, overcoming a critical resistance level that had previously acted as support.

SOLUSD | Credit: Nikola Lazic/Tradingview

After surpassing this resistance, SOL showed potential for further gains, though a subsequent decline again brought it below this level. This downturn since May 1 suggests a potential extended decline, marked by three distinct waves.

As it broke below the $160 zone, it proved that its rise to May 21 ended as a three-wave correction, making its current downtrend the past of either a larger downtrend or a higher-degree three-wave correction from March 18. 

SOL Price Prediction 

There are multiple scenarios ahead, depending on where the current decrease lands. 

SOLUSD | Credit: Nikola Lazic/Tradingview

Zooming into the hourly chart, we can see that there is still more room for decline as the $120 zone approaches. SOL could now consolidate for its lower-degree wave four around this zone before making another lower low for its fifth wave to $102. 

That would be the same length as the decrease from March 18 to April 13 and could signal the completion of a three-wave ABC correction. Alternatively, it it gets extended and goes below $102, our next target would be on the 1.618 Fibonacci extension level at $50, although it would need to cross a significant level of $80. 


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